Apple Card Will Not Support Multiple Users
Just the other day, Apple announced the Apple Card. This is Apple’s take on the credit card where it can be used in software form on the iPhone, or users can even request for a physical version of the card where it can be used in places that do not support Apple Pay. We’re sure that there still some questions that users might have about the Apple Card, such as […]

Goldman Sachs To Explore Launching Apple Card Outside Of The US
Yesterday Apple officially announced their own credit card in the form of the Apple Card. The launch of the Apple Card definitely presents a challenge to the current credit card system and according to Apple, they boast that its card is more secure and offers more privacy than regular credit cards.

Apple Card Credit Card Launched With Lower Rates And No Fees
It was reported a few months ago that Apple was working with Goldman Sachs to launch a credit card of its own. The company did just that at its event today by announcing the Apple Card. The company says that it has been “designed for iPhone,” and that users can sign up for an Apple Card on the iPhone and use it anywhere Apple Pay is accepted “within minutes.”