Back in March, Apple announced the Apple Card. This is Apple’s take on a credit card and according to the company, it’s not just a regular credit card as it will actually be made out of titanium. Credit cards made out of metal are typically exclusive to the higher echelons, but it seems that Apple will be bringing it to the masses.

Now for those wondering what the card could look like, it appears that Apple has already started distributing them internally to their employees and thanks to a tweet by Ben Geskin, he has shared photos of what the card could look like in real life. Geskin has edited the images to remove the name of the Apple employee to protect their identity and details, but otherwise this what the card will look like in real life.

As expected of Apple, the design of the card is very clean and minimalist, although at a glance you probably wouldn’t be able to tell that the card is made out of titanium. The packaging the card also shows that the pairing process will be similar to the AirPods, where it instructs the user to “Wake iPhone and hold here”.

For those who are unfamiliar with the Apple Card, this is a physical credit card that can be used as a regular credit card at shops that accepts credit cards (although it doesn’t support contactless payments). It is also linked to your Apple Pay which means that you can use it digitally to pay for items that support Apple Pay.

The Apple Card is currently slated for a launch this summer but it will only be available in the US. However, Goldman Sachs, the bank behind the card, has stated that they will be exploring bringing the card to other markets in the future.

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