Yesterday Apple officially announced their own credit card in the form of the Apple Card. The launch of the Apple Card definitely presents a challenge to the current credit card system and according to Apple, they boast that its card is more secure and offers more privacy than regular credit cards.

Unfortunately, the Apple Card will only be limited to the US at launch with Goldman Sachs acting as its issuing bank, but the good news for our international readers is that the bank is looking to explore its availability in international markets. Speaking to CNBC, Goldman Sachs International’s CEO Richard Gnodde said, “With that product (Apple Card) we are going to start in the U.S. but over time, absolutely, we will be thinking of international opportunities for it.”

There is no mention of when it could find its way to international markets, but given the regulatory hurdles that range from country to country with regards to payment services (which is why services such as Apple Pay has yet to launch globally), it could take quite a while, but larger markets will probably see it first.

According to Gnodde, this will most likely be in Europe, such as Germany. The Apple Card will be launching in the US this coming summer where customers will also be able to get their hands on a physical version made out of Titanium. This allows customers to use Apple Card in countries that don’t accept Apple Pay yet.

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