Someone Sharpened Their Apple Card And Turned It Into A Sneaky Knife

The majority of credit cards are made from plastic, but there are some credit cards, usually reserved for those with higher annual incomes, are made from metal. However, with the launch of the Apple Card which is made from titanium and aluminum, Apple has finally brought a metal card to the masses.

Move Over Apple Card Skins, You Can Now Buy Apple Card Cases

Recently, Apple published a support document on how to take care of your brand new Apple Card. This included instructions on cleaning it and avoiding certain types of material, like leather, as it could cause discoloration. We’ve already seen this happen with an Apple Card used by an early adopter that showed some pretty major signs of wear and tear after just one month.

Yes, You Can Now Buy ‘Skins’ For The Apple Card

When you get a new credit card, you almost never get instructions on how to take care of its physical appearance, but Apple decided to offer up some advice on how to care for your Apple Card’s looks, such as warning not to keep it in leather. We understand why because in a recent photo shared on Twitter, it showed how much wear the Apple Card showed after one month.

Apple Card Is Showing Signs Of Wear Only After One Month

The Apple Card has been released and many Apple customers are already signing up for it. More recently, Apple published a support document on how you should take care of the Apple Card, which seems a bit odd since other credit card companies don’t really see the need to teach you how to care for a credit card.


Apple Warns Against Keeping The Apple Card In Leather

Now that the Apple Card has been made available to all iPhone users in the US (pending eligibility), some of you might be interested in signing up for it. Now, regardless of its features and its promises, design-wise, the Apple Card looks fantastic clad in titanium, reminiscent of some of those higher-end credit cards that some of us might never see in our entire lives.

Apple Card Is Now Available To All iPhone Owners In The US

If the idea of owning a titanium credit card made by Apple sounds like something you could totally get on board with, you’ll be pleased to learn that Apple has officially announced and confirmed that the Apple Card is now available to all iPhone owners in the US, assuming that they meet the eligibility requirements.

Apple Card Launch Confirmed For August

Apple unveiled its own credit card, aptly called the Apple Card, a few months ago. The company said that the card will be launched later this year. A recent report had suggested that it may be launched in August. The company has now officially confirmed that.

Apple Card Now Expected To Launch This August

At the start of the year, Apple announced the Apple Card. This was Apple’s take on the credit card with a few changes. It is also being backed by Goldman Sachs, but unfortunately, Apple failed to mention when the card would be launching. We have heard rumors that it could arrive this week, but that is no longer the case.

Apple Card Could Be Launching As Soon As This week

Earlier this year, Apple announced the Apple Card. With Apple already embracing mobile payments with Apple Pay, it didn’t exactly come as a surprise to learn that the company would be launching their own credit card. There is no word on when the Apple Card will be launched, but now according a report from 9to5Mac, it could be launching as soon as this week.

Anecdote Reveals That Steve Jobs Had The Idea For An Apple Card Back In 2004

Earlier this year and to everyone’s surprise, Apple announced that they would launching their own physical credit card in the form of the Apple Card. However, it seems that if you’ve worked at Apple back in the early days, this might not have been quite as surprising because as it turns out, the Apple Card was one of Steve Jobs’ ideas.

This Is What The Apple Card Looks Like In Real Life

Back in March, Apple announced the Apple Card. This is Apple’s take on a credit card and according to the company, it’s not just a regular credit card as it will actually be made out of titanium. Credit cards made out of metal are typically exclusive to the higher echelons, but it seems that Apple will be bringing it to the masses.

Apple Card Will Not Support Multiple Users

Just the other day, Apple announced the Apple Card. This is Apple’s take on the credit card where it can be used in software form on the iPhone, or users can even request for a physical version of the card where it can be used in places that do not support Apple Pay. We’re sure that there still some questions that users might have about the Apple Card, such as […]

Goldman Sachs To Explore Launching Apple Card Outside Of The US

Yesterday Apple officially announced their own credit card in the form of the Apple Card. The launch of the Apple Card definitely presents a challenge to the current credit card system and according to Apple, they boast that its card is more secure and offers more privacy than regular credit cards.

Apple Card Credit Card Launched With Lower Rates And No Fees

It was reported a few months ago that Apple was working with Goldman Sachs to launch a credit card of its own. The company did just that at its event today by announcing the Apple Card. The company says that it has been “designed for iPhone,” and that users can sign up for an Apple Card on the iPhone and use it anywhere Apple Pay is accepted “within minutes.”