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Apple Card Gets New Family Sharing Feature
If you own a credit card, you usually get the option to create subsidiary cards that you can then give to your family members like your partner, children, and so on. Usually, these cards are linked and share the same credit limit, essentially pooling all of the spending together. Now it looks like Apple Card will be getting a similar feature.

Apple Confirms They Do Not Hold Apple ID Hostage Over Missed Apple Card Payments
Recently we came across a story where a man going by the name of Dustin Curtis reported that his Apple ID was held “hostage” over a missed Apple Card payment, or at least that’s what it felt like because the timing seemed to be rather coincidental. This led us to believe that missed Apple Card payments could potentially result in Apple disabling your Apple ID.

Apple Could Disable Your Apple ID Over Missed Apple Card Payments
We’re sure that a lot of us have once or twice missed a credit card payment, whether it’s because we don’t have the money for it or if we forgot that it was due. Usually what happens is that banks will charge you an interest or impose a late fee penalty for that missed payment and that’s pretty much it.

Apple Card Credit Sharing Could Be Coming In iOS 14.5
When you own a credit card, you can also apply for supplementary cards for your other family members, or friends if you happen to feel very generous. All these cards will share the same credit limit, but makes it easier for others to use the credit, like when they’re out shopping and you’re not there with them.


Paying Your Apple Card Bills Just Got A Lot More Convenient
If you’re an Apple Card user and would like an easier and more convenient way of viewing your statements and paying your bills, you will be pleased to learn that Apple has since officially launched a website dedicated to the Apple Card. Through this website, users will be able to view their statements, show card balances, check their due dates, and make payments.

Apple Offers Rejected Customers A Chance To Get An Apple Card
When applying for a credit card, there needs to be certain checks done in order to ensure that customers are eligible for it. This means that depending on your situation, you may or may not be approved to get one. There is a similar process when it comes to applying for the Apple Card, and some customers might have been rejected.

Apple Introduces 0% Interest Apple Card Installment Plan For More Of Its Products
Last week, it was reported that Apple was planning on expanding its 0% interest installment plan for Apple Card users. A similar plan was previously introduced for the iPhone, but now with this expansion, Apple is offering to cover more products under this installment plan where users can choose between 6 or 12 month financing options.

Apple Card Could Soon Allow Users To Purchase Apple Products In Installments
Apple’s products aren’t cheap and that is a very well-known fact. However, the good news is that if you own an Apple Card or plan to apply for one, it could become financially easier to purchase Apple’s products. This is because according to a report from Bloomberg, Apple could soon introduce installment plans for the Apple Card.

Apple Card Users Can Skip March’s Payments Without Incurring Penalties
Due to how big of an impact the coronavirus is having on the world’s economy, there are some people who might be out of a job. As such, some might not even be able to make ends meet, such as paying rent, paying for utilities, food, let alone credit card payments. The good news is that Apple is trying to do their part to help.

Apple Card Users Will Now Be Able To Export Their Monthly Transactions
It’s a good idea to keep track of your purchases made every month, especially if it’s through your credit card because it is incredibly easy to charge and swipe your card without thinking too much about it. The good news for Apple Card users is that if you’re looking for a neater way to manage your finances, you’re in luck.

Apple Card Now Lets You Get A 24-Month Interest-Free iPhone Installment Plan
Normally, you can purchase an iPhone with a 24-month installment plan. However, it is not necessarily an interest-free plan, is it?But, it looks like you do not have to worry about that anymore.Apple has introduced a feature for Apple Card which lets you opt for an interest-free 24-month installment plan for a new iPhone purchase.It is also worth noting that Apple has increased the cashback to 6% (instead of 3) […]

Apple Card Credit Limit Algorithm Accused Of Being Gender Biased
When it comes to deciding on how much of a credit card limit one person should have, it is largely based on their earnings and pre-existing loans, where it won’t be too high where it would make repayments of the card impossible. That, in theory, should be what credit limits should be based on, right?

Apple Card Owners Can Soon Buy An iPhone In Monthly Installments With Zero Interest
Apple’s iPhones do not come cheap which is why buying it through a carrier on an installment plan can be rather appealing. However, if you’d rather not be tied to a carrier, Apple might have an alternative solution for you. During Apple’s earnings call, the company’s CEO Tim Cook announced that soon, Apple Card owners will be able to buy an iPhone via an installment plan.

First Case Of Apple Card Fraud Reported
One of the main security features of the Apple Card that Apple touts is the lack of numbers printed on the card itself. Apart from your name, the Apple Card does not have the credit card number printed on the card, nor its CVV. This is designed to help prevent fraud where despite not having access to the card, those numbers could still be used to authorize purchases.

Someone Sharpened Their Apple Card And Turned It Into A Sneaky Knife
The majority of credit cards are made from plastic, but there are some credit cards, usually reserved for those with higher annual incomes, are made from metal. However, with the launch of the Apple Card which is made from titanium and aluminum, Apple has finally brought a metal card to the masses.

Move Over Apple Card Skins, You Can Now Buy Apple Card Cases
Recently, Apple published a support document on how to take care of your brand new Apple Card. This included instructions on cleaning it and avoiding certain types of material, like leather, as it could cause discoloration. We’ve already seen this happen with an Apple Card used by an early adopter that showed some pretty major signs of wear and tear after just one month.

Yes, You Can Now Buy ‘Skins’ For The Apple Card
When you get a new credit card, you almost never get instructions on how to take care of its physical appearance, but Apple decided to offer up some advice on how to care for your Apple Card’s looks, such as warning not to keep it in leather. We understand why because in a recent photo shared on Twitter, it showed how much wear the Apple Card showed after one month.

Apple Card Is Showing Signs Of Wear Only After One Month
The Apple Card has been released and many Apple customers are already signing up for it. More recently, Apple published a support document on how you should take care of the Apple Card, which seems a bit odd since other credit card companies don’t really see the need to teach you how to care for a credit card.

Apple Warns Against Keeping The Apple Card In Leather
Now that the Apple Card has been made available to all iPhone users in the US (pending eligibility), some of you might be interested in signing up for it. Now, regardless of its features and its promises, design-wise, the Apple Card looks fantastic clad in titanium, reminiscent of some of those higher-end credit cards that some of us might never see in our entire lives.

Apple Card Is Now Available To All iPhone Owners In The US
If the idea of owning a titanium credit card made by Apple sounds like something you could totally get on board with, you’ll be pleased to learn that Apple has officially announced and confirmed that the Apple Card is now available to all iPhone owners in the US, assuming that they meet the eligibility requirements.