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Apple A7 Will Be A Dual-Core Processor, Says Taiwanese Industry Sources
They say that one should always hear it from the horse’s mouth, and while this bit of information did not hail from anyone working under Apple’s direct payroll, Taiwanese industry sources have pointed out that the next generation processor from Apple for their mobile devices would be known as the A7, and it does seem as though the Apple A7 processor will not make the jump to quad-core goodness but […]

Apple Developer Site Restored
After a few weeks of outage, Apple has finally restored the developer site post hack. Since the middle of July, a security intrusion of the Apple developer site rendered a slew of tools for both iOS as well as Mac OS X developers inaccessible, and after a nice three week “sabbatical”, Apple has finally restored their developer site to working order. Since last Monday, Apple did mention that that it […]

ITC Ban On iPhone, iPad Sales Vetoed By Obama Administration
The ITC recently gave a verdict on a matter brought up by Samsung, which claimed that Apple infringed on some of its patents. On Monday, a formal ban on sales of some older iPhone and iPad models was to go in place as a result of the iTC’s ruling. The U.S. President has a 60 day period to review the decision, and from now on, the ban on older Apple […]


Google Play Store Has More App Downloads Than Apple App Store
You know how is it like in the world of professional boxing, where there is always the customary “tale of the tape” before each fight? I guess you can say that the folks over at App Annie had a similar idea when they pitched two behemoths against each other – the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, and here we are with the results of this “showdown” of […]

Apple 1 Computer Sold At Auction Could Be Worth Far More
The auctioned Apple 1 computer could be a steal.

Apple And Amazon Drop "App Store" Lawsuit
Apple has filed an agreement that it will no longer pursue action against Amazon in the lawsuit involving the use of the term "app store" by Amazon for its Android Appstore.

Second Generation iPad Mini Might Be Delayed
The iPad mini could see a delay to Q4 2013.

Apple To Launch 5th Gen iPad In September (Rumor)
The Apple iPad 5G is rumored to be released this September.

Apple Patents Self-Adjusting Earbud Headphones That Have Noise Cancellation
Yet another of Apple's patent filings revealed to show self-adjusting earbud headphones that have noise cancelling technology.

Apple App Store Celebrates 5th Anniversary
Apple's App Store is celebrating its 5th anniversary!

Boston University Sues Apple For 1997 Patent Infringement
Boston University sues Apple for an alleged 1997 patent infringement.

Apple Loses Its 'World's Most Respected Company' Title
Apple has topped Barron's list for three consecutive years, only to lose its title this time around. Berkshire Hathaway, Warren Buffet's company, now holds the top spot on Barron's list of most respected companies

iWatch Trademark Filings Seen In Mexico And Taiwan
Apple files for iWatch trademark in Mexico and Taiwan.