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Apple And Amazon Drop "App Store" Lawsuit
Apple has filed an agreement that it will no longer pursue action against Amazon in the lawsuit involving the use of the term "app store" by Amazon for its Android Appstore.

Second Generation iPad Mini Might Be Delayed
The iPad mini could see a delay to Q4 2013.

Apple To Launch 5th Gen iPad In September (Rumor)
The Apple iPad 5G is rumored to be released this September.

Apple Patents Self-Adjusting Earbud Headphones That Have Noise Cancellation
Yet another of Apple's patent filings revealed to show self-adjusting earbud headphones that have noise cancelling technology.


Apple App Store Celebrates 5th Anniversary
Apple's App Store is celebrating its 5th anniversary!

Boston University Sues Apple For 1997 Patent Infringement
Boston University sues Apple for an alleged 1997 patent infringement.

Apple Loses Its 'World's Most Respected Company' Title
Apple has topped Barron's list for three consecutive years, only to lose its title this time around. Berkshire Hathaway, Warren Buffet's company, now holds the top spot on Barron's list of most respected companies

iWatch Trademark Filings Seen In Mexico And Taiwan
Apple files for iWatch trademark in Mexico and Taiwan.

Apple Plans 20MW Solar Array For Reno Data Center Support
Apple wants to build a solar array to power their data center.

Samsung Devices Receive The Heaviest Subsidies, According To Research
When it comes to subsidizing the price of handsets, folks in America have it good because some handsets come at zero cost as long as the subscriber is willing to sign onto a new contract with their carrier. However is there a particular brand that gets subsidized the most? According to a research done by ABI Research (via BGR), it has been found that Samsung phones are the ones that […]

Analyst: Apple Said To Slash iPhone Orders
Analyst claims that Apple will be slashing its iPhone orders than previously forecast.

TSMC 20nm Production Of Apple A8 Processor Begins Next Month [Rumor]
According to a new report Apple has roped in TSMC for three years to develop its 20nm A8, 16nm A9 and 10nm A9X processors for next generation iOS devices.

Apple 1 To Go On Auction At Christie’s
Another Apple I would go underneath the hammer next week at Christie's in New York.

Apple Patent Looks At Mobile Fingerprint Scanner
One of Apple's latest patents drops a hint of a potential fingerprint scanning package for mobile devices.

Anonymous Party Challenges Couple Of Apple Patents
A couple of Apple's patents are being challenged by an anonymous party.

Apple Considering iPhones With 4.7-Inch, 5.7-Inch Display [Rumor]
A new rumor is circulating saying Apple is considering building larger screen iPhones.

New Airport Extreme Torn Apart
The new Airport Extreme is taken apart.

WWDC 2013 Keynote Livestream Available On Apple Products
Apple will be livestreaming its WWDC 2013 keynote, but only on select Apple products.