apple-earbuds-patentApple is a company that tends to hoard patents, and sometimes, these patents are incorporated into existing products while the others are being shelved for the future. This time around, we discovered an Apple patent application which describes a set of earbud type headphones that are capable of adjusting the audio output automatically based on seal quality, thanks to the analysis of relevant impedance data which have been gathered by the integrated microphones or electrical current measurements. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office published on Thursday, that Apple’s “Electronic device and headset with speaker seal evaluation capabilities” would mention in further detail concerning a new kind of self-calibrating earbud which are capable of delivering enhanced audio reproduction, regardless of your ear shape and size.


Apart from that, the patent also points to the very real possibility of being noise canceling headphones that will rely mainly on decent or above average earbud-to-ear seals to function properly. This invention looks as though it has its crosshairs targeted at earbud headphones that will create a seal in a user’s ear, helping reduce ambient noise without taking up too much space. Will we see such a product in the near future? It can be rather hard to tell.

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