Articles about Apple Watch 2

Apple Watch Series 2: Hands On
The Apple Watch Series 2 is now out and doesn’t feature a whole lot of new things when compared to its predecessor. The speedier processor, the integrated GPS and an upgraded WatchOS 3 are the main takeaway from this release. The Apple Watch 2 is much better at what it does, especially if you’re looking for a watch that helps you stay in shape because it is also swimming-pool friendly […]

Alleged Apple Watch 2 Components Caught On Video
It probably isn’t much of a secret by now, but word on the street is that Apple has a new Apple Watch in the works. The design of the watch is supposed to be similar to the previous model, but there will be some changes made to it that might not be very obvious, and now a video by electronics store Byte has shown off said differences.

Apple Watch 2 Battery Said To Get 35% Increase
Apple is expected to launch its second-generation smartwatch later this year. There have been a lot of rumors about what we can expect from the Apple Watch 2. One of the features expected in the upcoming wearable device is a built-in GPS. Now that’s going to require quite a bit of power which is why a new rumor suggests that the Apple Watch 2 battery is going to get a […]

Apple Watch 2 Rumored For Late 2016 Launch
Many had initially expected Apple to introduce a new Apple Watch earlier this year during their March event, but obviously that did not pan out. This begs the question of when will we be seeing the Apple Watch 2? According to the rumors, it has been suggested that we can now look forward to the device in the later part of the year.


Developers Reportedly Losing Interest In Apple Watch
The Apple Watch is the first smartwatch that Apple has ever made. The wearable device has performed quite well in the market, launching Apple to the top of this market, but it appears that developers are losing interest in this device. A new report suggests that developers aren’t really convinced that making apps of the Apple Watch is worth their time until apps can run independently on the device.

Apple Watch 2 Expected To Maintain Its Size And Design
When the Apple Watch was unveiled, there were mixed reactions to its design. Some loved it, some hated it, basically we suppose it all boils down to taste. Now if you were in the latter camp and thought Apple could do better, you might be disappointed to learn that come 2016 where presumably the Apple Watch 2 will be launched, it seems that not much will change, at least on […]

Apple Watch 2 FaceTime Camera Rumored
It has barely been two months since Apple’s first smartwatch hit the market and only a day since its arrival in the company’s retail stores but already there are rumors about the Apple Watch 2, which is presumably what Apple is going to call the successor to the Apple Watch. Rumor has it that the Apple Watch 2 is going to have a FaceTime camera which will allow users to make […]