It probably isn’t much of a secret by now, but word on the street is that Apple has a new Apple Watch in the works. The design of the watch is supposed to be similar to the previous model, but there will be some changes made to it that might not be very obvious, and now a video by electronics store Byte has shown off said differences.

One of the rumors of the Apple Watch 2 is that its display is said to be thinner than its predecessor, and the video above shows just that. It is unclear if the thinner display will result in a thinner watch, but the video also shows off a larger battery which is tested to have 1.28 WH versus the 0.98 WH on the current Apple Watch, so it is possible that the thinner display will make up for the difference in the slightly larger battery.

That being said, weight and thickness of the Apple Watch has never really been one of the main criticisms of the watch to begin with, so we guess even if Apple does nothing on that front, we doubt many users would mind too much anyway. In any case take it with a grain of salt since we can’t really confirm the authenticity of these components, but they certainly line up with what we have been hearing so far.

We’re not sure if the Apple Watch 2 will be launched alongside the next iPhones next week, so be sure to check back with us then for the details.

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