Back in 2020, NVIDIA announced that they would be acquiring ARM. For those unfamiliar, ARM is the company behind the architecture of chipsets used by many companies such as Qualcomm, Apple, Samsung, MediaTek, Huawei, and so on. Acquiring ARM would essentially give NVIDIA “control” over the tech and open up a ton of possibilities for the company’s future.

However, NVIDIA’s plan to acquire ARM was met with a lot of opposition, not just from other tech companies, but from governments as well. So much so that according to a Bloomberg report, the company could simply just end up walking away from the deal. The report says that NVIDIA has apparently told its partners that they do not expect the transaction to close.

The report also revealed that Softbank, who is currently ARM’s owner, is planning on taking the company public which could be another sign that the deal could fall through or has already fallen through and Softbank is now looking for alternatives.

Neither NVIDIA or Softbank have confirmed whether or not the reports are true, but in a statement made by NVIDIA, “We continue to hold the views expressed in detail in our latest regulatory filings — that this transaction provides an opportunity to accelerate Arm and boost competition and innovation.”

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