Last year, NVIDIA made waves when they announced that they would be acquiring ARM from SoftBank. Given that NVIDIA’s chipset efforts have kind of been limited to its own products as of late, acquiring ARM would allow them to get back into the semiconducting business in a huge way.

However, a report from Bloomberg has revealed that companies such as Microsoft and Google are opposed to the acquisition, and they are not alone as some of you might recall that last week, Qualcomm was also reported to have voiced their concerns over the potential acquisition (which hasn’t been approved yet).

Right now, ARM licenses its technology to a bunch of tech companies including Qualcomm, Samsung, Apple, Huawei, Intel, and so on. Given that ARM has no interest in making their own consumer electronics, they do come across as being somewhat neutral. However, NVIDIA acquiring ARM has raised some concerns that NVIDIA could either limit supply or even increase prices to drive away the competition in favor of its own plans.

NVIDIA had stated that they have no incentive to do so given how much the deal would cost them, meaning that they intend to make money out of this rather than acquiring ARM solely for their own purposes. Whether or not these concerns could end up killing the deal remains to be seen, although we imagine that those concerns could be a lot more desperate had Apple acquired the company.

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