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Intel open to the possibility of building mobile processors for Apple one day
Intel made its foray into the smartphone market today by launching the XOLO X900 Android smartphone powered by the Intel Medfield processor. While Intel has been known to put out processors for our desktop and laptop computers, we are curious as to see how they will fare in the mobile world, so what do you guys think about the possibility of Intel’s future processors powering Apple’s iOS devices?While we’re still […]

Windows 8 on ARM (WOA) has Office apps
Windows 8 on ARM (WOA as Microsoft calls it) might end up as extremely appealing to folks who want to continue their Excel and PowerPoint experience even on a touchscreen tablet device. Of course, other Office apps will also be able to run on WOA, and this brings good news to those who want to make sure they always have an avenue to get their office work done, no matter […]

Windows 8 is stable on ARM processors
A handful of sources out there have reported that there are demos available which depict Windows 8 running on high-profile devices from key manufacturers, and a stable build of Windows 8 suitable for ARM architecture is expected to roll out next month – which frankly, is just a couple of days away. An industry insider informed CNET’s team that in “October of last year, it [Windows 8 on ARM] scared […]

NVIDIA, Qualcomm,TI to supply ARM processors for Windows 8 tablets?
Microsoft’s Windows 8 platform is expected to be both a desktop software and a mobile platform for tablet as well, and if Digitimes’ latest piece of rumor is to be believed, it seems that we can expect a variety of Windows 8 tablets that run on a variety of different processors from NVIDIA, Qualcomm and TI (Texas Instruments).


Windows 8 ARM notebooks arriving in 2013?
If you were hoping for ARM notebooks running Windows 8 next year, it looks like you’ll need to wait a little bit longer. The folks over at DigiTimes have recently reported that Windows 8 ARM notebooks will only make an official appearance at the end of 2012 and will start arriving on the market in June.If the sources turn out to be true, it looks like Intel will have more […]

ARM Mali-T658 10X Faster than Today's ARM Mali 400MP GPU
GPU launch season is open! NVIDIA has just revealed its Tegra 3 system on a chip (SoC), which comes equipped with a graphics processor that is theoretically 3X faster than Tegra 2. Today, ARM announces its Mali-T658 GPU, a new design that ARM says is 10X faster than today’s ARM Mali 400MP which can be found in the original Samsung Galaxy S2 Exynos chip.To give you a rough idea of […]

Calxeda ARM-based HP Server Creates Media Wave of... Fluff
HP is currently testing servers based on an ARM architecture, which is basically the same stuff that runs applications on your phones and tablets. The idea is that these little chips use much less power than traditional processors like those of Intel and AMD. Because they use less power, they also require less cooling – and when you know that energy consumption and cooling are among the biggest issues that […]

ARM Cortex A15, Alive
This video (courtesy of shows an ARM Cortex 15MP reference design chip running a build of Android. A reference design chip is built just to test (and prove) that the chip design works as advertised. ARM will then sell this design to silicon vendors, who will build the final processors used in smartphones and tablet. For more information about systems on a chip, head to our SoC post.

ARM Cortex A7: A Handy Companion Processor
ARM has just announced the Cortex A7, a small CPU core that is only 1/5 of the size of the popular Cortex A8 which was used in countless smartphone system on a chip (SoC). ARM says that its Cortex A7 processor provides better performance and uses less power when compared to the A8. Today, most phones are powered by one or more Cortex A9, and in the future, some designs […]

N5Zero is a 5" budget Android tablet
If the newly announced Amazon Kindle Fire’s price of $199 is still too expensive for your liking, a new tablet on the market dubbed the N5Zero could feature a price point that will satisfy those shopping on a budget.

VIA Technologies sues Apple over processor patent infringement
If you have been following the news surrounding the wave of patent wars, you’re probably aware that just about every tech company is suing each other over patent infringements. Apple’s case against Samsung is probably the biggest headline considering that Apple has chased Samsung pretty much halfway around the world. HTC has also filed a lawsuit against Apple along with Motorola, and now it looks like another company has entered […]

HTC planning Windows 8 tablet as well?
With Google and Intel announcing a partnership, we reported yesterday that HTC is apparently working on an Intel-powered Android device that is supposedly going to be debuted at CES/MWC 2012 next year. However since power consumption is still a bit hazy at this point in time, it was speculated that perhaps it will not be a smartphone but a tablet instead.

No X86 Apps On ARM+Windows 8 (Duh)
For some reason, part of the media world has awakened to the fact that Windows applications compiled for Intel’s X86 architecture, won’t work on ARM-based Windows 8 machines. First, I’m not sure where the idea that those apps would work came from, so is very much a “duh” moment.Obviously it would “technically possible” to run X86 applications on ARM-based machines, but that would at the very least involve emulating an […]

NVIDIA Developer Program for Windows 8
NVIDIA Developer Program - NVIDIA has announced that it is starting its Windows 8 Developer Program which will include (free?) Windows 8 developer tools for ARM and Intel X86 architectures