This video (courtesy of shows an ARM Cortex 15MP reference design chip running a build of Android. A reference design chip is built just to test (and prove) that the chip design works as advertised. ARM will then sell this design to silicon vendors, who will build the final processors used in smartphones and tablet. For more information about systems on a chip, head to our SoC post.

The ARM Cortex A15 MPCore is ARM’s newest and most powerful central processor core design (CPU). It is the successor of the ARM Cortex A9, a design widely used in modern system on a chip (SoC) designs from Qualcomm, Samsung, Apple, TI, NVIDIA, ST Ericsson and others, who are all ARM’s customers. At the same frequency (GHz), the Cortex A15 MPCore is supposed to be faster than its predecessors, and it can run at much higher frequencies: up to 2.5Ghz.

This is great, but you’ll still have to wait for late 2012 before you can get your hands on an ARM Cortex 15 device, but keep it on your radar: TI, NVIDIA, ST-Ericsson and Broadcom have already announced that they would be using this new core design in upcoming chips!

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