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Atari Teases Upcoming ‘Atari Box’ Device
Last year we heard reports that gaming company Atari was making hardware once again. Earlier this year it sounded like the company was close to announcing something, and now it looks like Atari is teasing something yet again which based on the name of its website, will be known as the Atari Box.

You Can Now Buy A Real-Life PONG Table
You might recall that last year that a group of people came together to help create a table that essentially recreated the real-life version of Atari’s popular PONG game. We were wondering if that table would ever become purchasable by the masses, and the good news is that if you’re willing to spend the money, you can own it.

Atari Teases Gaming Wearable For Your Wrist
Last year you might have recalled that Atari announced their plans to return to the hardware scene. The company did not dive into details but stated that they were going to create smart home gadgets that rely on IoT technology, and it seems that we could soon be seeing the fruits of their labor.

Atari Releases RollerCoaster Tycoon For iOS And Android
Atari today announced the release of RollerCoaster Tycoon Classic for iOS and Android. This new game for mobile devices is based on the original theme park simulators produced by Atari, if you’ve played RollerCoaster Tycoon and RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 you will immediately notice that the new game takes its inspiration from the real classics. RCT Classic does provide players with a simpler take on design, construction, and management of their […]


Hip Hop Artist RZA To Make An Album Inspired By Atari Game Music
For those of you who are into hip hop, chances are you might have heard of the somewhat legendary hip hop group Wu-Tang Clan. Now the group has a lot of members, many of whom have embarked on solo careers whether it be as a solo artist or as a producer, and probably one of the more famous members is RZA.

Atari Vault Launches On SteamOS
It looks like after going through a successful launch on Windows, Atari Vault is now all set to be made available to those who are rocking on SteamOS. With Atari Vault, you need not have to step into a time machine, and yet you are able to enjoy up to a 100 iconic games that will incorporate contemporary functionality, accompanied by Steam Global Leaderboards, multiplayer capabilities and Steam controller support.

Atari Vault Launches, 100 Games In Tow
Atari did make an announcement earlier this year that they will be working on a 100-game bundle for the PC, calling it Atari Vault. Well, all of that patience and waiting has paid off, and it looks like Atari Vault has just gone live.

Atari Vault Revealed
Is it me, or is there a wave of nostalgia washing over many different people? It seems that Atari intends to deliver the golden age of gaming in the near future with the unveiling of Atari Vault. Being one of the world’s most recognized publishers and producers of interactive entertainment certainly help to push their case, and the re-imagined PC title Atari Vault will first get a previewed at PAX […]

Atari Wants You To Get Fit With Gamified Fitness App
Sitting in front of your computer or on your couch playing video games all day is hardly conducive to having a healthy lifestyle, but here’s where it gets interesting. Atari, a company known for creating video game consoles and video games, has recently announced the launch of an app called Atari Fit.This is a fitness app that will attempt to get gamers into shape by gamifying the process. We all […]

Asteroids: Outpost Headed For The PC
Atari happens to be one of the world’s most recognized publishers and producers of games (although they have had their fair share of busts in the past), and this time around, they have announced another title that will certainly get the classic loving gamers all happy and excited – Asteroids: Outpost for the PC.

Atari Cartridge From Archaeology Dig Donated To Museum
When it comes to making sure that we are well aware of our heritage and history, a museum would definitely come in handy, as that is a treasure trove of all that has happened in our past. Some museums would more than welcome donations of course, assuming they are useful and fulfil the purpose of leaving a connection to the past. The University of North Dakota has accepted a copy […]

Atari Fit Fitness App To Arrive Next Year
It is undeniable that the name Atari still has a fair amount of pulling power, having been one of the world’s most recognized publishers and producers of interactive entertainment. Well, their latest effort does not have much to do with gaming, but rather, it will target your health. Known as Atari Fit, this happens to be a gamified fitness app that intends to grace mobile devices some time early next […]

Unearthed E.T. Cartridges To Be Housed In A Museum Soon
From something that nobody really wanted to being housed in a museum – how cool is that? This is what is going to happen to the unearthed collection of E.T game cartridges, as the fate of some of these would be to end up in a museum over in Rome, Italy, not to mention gracing the auction floor while making its way to storage in a space museum. All of […]

Atari Looking To Get Back Into Hardware
We’re not sure how many of you guys remember Atari, but for those who don’t or have never heard of the company before, well they used to be a pretty big name back in the day, especially when it came to video game consoles. In fact there are still many people out there who fondly remember the brand, especially when it is commemorated on t-shirts and whatnot.That being said, could […]