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Expert Predicts Driveless Cars Will Cause More People To Have Sex Behind The Wheel
Companies that are working on self-driving car technology envision a future in which we never really have to be in the driving seat. Our cars will take care of everything while we enjoy more time to relax on the commute. There will be obvious benefits to this, like the extra time you get to spend with your children when dropping them off to school. However, an expert warns this convenience […]

Ford Is Testing Its Self-Driving Cars In The Dark
It’s easier to say that one day we’ll all be able to ride in the back seat as our cars drive themselves because it’s a much more daunting task to actually make this happen. Major tech companies and auto manufacturers are working on self-driving car technologies and there’s still a lot to be done to ensure that autonomous driving technology is as capable of handling the car in all situations […]

UK Is Going To Test Self-Driving Trucks This Year
There’s no denying the fact that autonomous or self-driving vehicles are going to be a part of our future even though they have quite a few hoops to jump through before they become totally mainstream. Many companies are working on self-driving car technology and countries that are interested in it are testing out the solutions. Later this year the United Kingdom is going to conduct tests on self-driving trucks on its […]

Google Beefs Up Its Self-Driving Car Team
Google is heavily invested in self-driving cars and its technology has shown a great amount of improvement over the past few years. Tests have since been expanded to more cities and last year the company even came up with its very own prototype. It kicked off these efforts with retrofitted cars initially and later introduced its own prototype. According to a new report, Google is gradually beefing up the team […]


Ford Will Triple Its Fleet Of Self-Driving Research Cars This Year
Ford has been working on autonomous or self-driving car technology for many years now and there’s no doubt that the company is very serious about this, it was just a couple of months ago that Ford CEO Mark Fields said that he expects to see fully autonomous cars on roads in four years. The company certainly doesn’t want to be left behind which is why it’s getting even more serious, Ford […]

Lyft Gets $500 Million From GM To Develop Autonomous Cars
Lyft is one of the biggest ride-sharing companies on the planet right now, perhaps second only to international behemoth Uber, and today it has announced a joint venture with General Motors, a car maker that needs no introduction. Both Lyft and GM will jointly work on developing autonomous or self-driving cars and for this purpose, the iconic car manufacturer is going to invest $500 million in Lyft.

BMW Needs Tech To Be '100% Reliable' Before Moving Into Self-Driving Cars
Autonomous driving tickles our fascination, the ability to just sit back and relax while the car takes you where you want to go without requiring any input from you. Technology isn’t quite there just yet, or are the legal hurdles, however some vehicles do come with advanced semi-autonomous driving features like the Tesla Model S which can keep up with the car in front automatically and even change lanes when the […]

Ford CEO Expects Fully Autonomous Cars On Roads In Four Years
There are a lot of companies working to make it possible for us to basically sit in the back seat while our cars drive themselves to wherever it is we want to go. Fully autonomous cars haven’t hit the roads just yet but companies like Tesla have added semi-autonomous features to their cars and that signals what direction the auto industry is going to take in the near future. Ford […]

Ford Starts Testing Self-Driving Cars In A Fake City
Many conventional car makers have started testing self-driving cars as they see technology companies like Google have already been working on this for a very long time, so they’re stepping up efforts to ensure that they’re not left out of the fray once fully autonomous driving becomes a reality. Ford is just one of the companies that’s testing self-driving cars but while some conduct tests on closed circuits and others […]

Nissan Autonomous Car Enters Testing
It’s not only the tech companies that are working on self-driving cars, conventional manufacturers have now joined the race as well and many are looking to get their autonomous cars out on roads by the year 2020. Nissan, a well known manufacturer based in Japan, has announced that it has started testing its autonomous car prototype that’s based on the popular Nissan Leaf. The tests are not being conducted on private […]