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BMW Needs Tech To Be '100% Reliable' Before Moving Into Self-Driving Cars
Autonomous driving tickles our fascination, the ability to just sit back and relax while the car takes you where you want to go without requiring any input from you. Technology isn’t quite there just yet, or are the legal hurdles, however some vehicles do come with advanced semi-autonomous driving features like the Tesla Model S which can keep up with the car in front automatically and even change lanes when the […]

Ford CEO Expects Fully Autonomous Cars On Roads In Four Years
There are a lot of companies working to make it possible for us to basically sit in the back seat while our cars drive themselves to wherever it is we want to go. Fully autonomous cars haven’t hit the roads just yet but companies like Tesla have added semi-autonomous features to their cars and that signals what direction the auto industry is going to take in the near future. Ford […]

Ford Starts Testing Self-Driving Cars In A Fake City
Many conventional car makers have started testing self-driving cars as they see technology companies like Google have already been working on this for a very long time, so they’re stepping up efforts to ensure that they’re not left out of the fray once fully autonomous driving becomes a reality. Ford is just one of the companies that’s testing self-driving cars but while some conduct tests on closed circuits and others […]

Nissan Autonomous Car Enters Testing
It’s not only the tech companies that are working on self-driving cars, conventional manufacturers have now joined the race as well and many are looking to get their autonomous cars out on roads by the year 2020. Nissan, a well known manufacturer based in Japan, has announced that it has started testing its autonomous car prototype that’s based on the popular Nissan Leaf. The tests are not being conducted on private […]