If you’re someone who doesn’t particularly like sitting in a car for long periods of time, Volvo’s latest concept will be very appealing to you. The Swedish car manufacturer has unveiled its 360c concept car with which it aims to redefine motoring. It envisages a future where you have a flat bed in the car and can doze off while it drives you to your destination.

Volvo’s 360c concept is an all-electric fully autonomous car complete with luxuries such as a bed, in-car coffee making, and even autonomous communication tools. The car doesn’t even have a steering wheel because it has been designed for complete Level 5 autonomy.

Volvo positions the 360c as more than just an autonomous car that someone can buy at a dealership. It’s showcasing the potential to businesses who may want to buy them as perks for employees. It shows how autonomous cars will be able to compete with the air travel industry by essentially replacing short haul flights.

People won’t be stressed out about going to the airport and going through security for short haul flights. They would just be able to relax while the Volvo drives them effortlessly from Los Angeles to San Diego, for example.

A lot has to obviously change before cars like the 360c can be allowed on public roads but it’s interesting to see Volvo’s vision for the kind of work we can take from autonomous vehicles.

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