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Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro Review: Hands-On
#IFA2017 – Samsung unveiled its new wearable lineup at IFA in Berlin, and the new Gear Fit2 Pro is the successor of the Gear Fit2. The new smart band gets water resistance up to 5 ATM (Atmosphere, a pressure unit) certification and salt resistance, meaning that users will be able to track swim even in the ocean.A bit heavier than its predecessor at 34g, the Gear Fit 2 Pro delivers […]

Microsoft Band Goes For $99.99 In The US Now
You know what they say – if the old does not go, then the new will not be able to come. It looks like Microsoft is working hard to shift all of the old stocks of the Microsoft Band, where it will now be available Stateside for $99.99 a pop. The reason behind this? Well, the first generation Band would be best to be sold out, in order to make […]

Microsoft Band 2 Has Different Readings From Its Predecessor
A new device is supposed to improve on its predecessor, that is for sure. Well, what is the gulf in difference between the original Microsoft Band compared to its successor, the second-generation Microsoft Band? The folks over at Neowin have taken both devices out for a test, and the results are really very, very different – which does leave plenty of room for thought.

Microsoft Health Overhauled
So, we do know that the brand new Microsoft Band has just been released, where it would feature an improved design in addition to the assistance of Cortana. Having said that, one should also take note that a major update to the Microsoft Health apps as well as online dashboard has happened, meaning those who are using the existing Band need not twiddle their fingers to wait for new features, […]


Microsoft Band Receives A Firmware Update
At last, we have received word that Microsoft has rolled out a firmware update for their hot selling piece of wearable technology that is known as the Microsoft Band. Of course, this particular update was not a major one, but still, an update is an update, don’t you think so? The most recent update released was accompanied by a dozen new guided workouts that enabled users to download onto the […]

Microsoft Band Division’s Head Has Custom Band
The Microsoft Band certainly raised more than a few eyebrows when it was made official at the end of last month, and it did manage to do quite well in terms of sales after being sold out shortly after it was made available. Having said that, are all of the Microsoft Bands out there created equal? Apparently not, especially when you happen to be the head of a hardware division […]

Microsoft Band Sold Out
One thing is for sure – interest in the world of wearable technology is definitely on the uptrend, and the Microsoft Band which was just released earlier today for $199 a pop is now sold out, not to mention having lines forming over at retail stores, now how about that? What makes this all the more remarkable is how Microsoft Band actually crept up and made its way into the […]

One Man Band Does The Polka For Famous Themes
There is nothing quite like seeing a talented musician play music in the background that would be able to roll back the years, while bringing back pleasant memories of past experiences along the way. Even better yet is someone who has discovered a way to play many different instruments simultaneously, such as a certain Anders Flanderz. Flanderz is a Swede who has gone around touring shopping centers of the Swedish […]