Microsoft-Band_Hero_2-640x463One thing is for sure – interest in the world of wearable technology is definitely on the uptrend, and the Microsoft Band which was just released earlier today for $199 a pop is now sold out, not to mention having lines forming over at retail stores, now how about that? What makes this all the more remarkable is how Microsoft Band actually crept up and made its way into the scene, since there was nary a press event (apart from a leak) beforehand to have it build up hype for the overall release. It seems that taking the “ninja” route this time around has paid off handsomely for Microsoft.

Plenty of Microsoft Stores have experienced queues for the Microsoft Band, and taking into consideration how Microsoft Stores are not exactly jam packed with people all the time, this is a massive win for Microsoft this time around. Apart from brick and mortar locations, the online store, too, has been flooded with pre-orders so much so that the device is fully sold out over on the Microsoft site – regardless of the size that you would want to pick. Of course, patience does have its virtue, since you can still opt to sign up and be notified of when the product will be made available to the masses. With all the interest surrounding the Microsoft Band, will you be picking one up anytime soon?

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