microsoft bandYou know what they say – if the old does not go, then the new will not be able to come. It looks like Microsoft is working hard to shift all of the old stocks of the Microsoft Band, where it will now be available Stateside for $99.99 a pop. The reason behind this? Well, the first generation Band would be best to be sold out, in order to make way for the new Band 2, of course. After all, it has been reported that the first Band has already stopped production, and the latest price drop makes it all the more an attractive proposition.

Right now, the Band is on sale over at the Microsoft Store for $99.99 a pop, which would translate to a savings of $100 compared to what it used to cost originally. Recently, the device itself was going for $129.99, but the new $99.99 price mark makes it all the more desirable for those who have been holding out for it for the longest time.

The Microsoft Store is not the only one selling it at that price, as Best Buy too, are offering the Band for $99.99 a pop. As for those who are more interested in newer and shiner stuff, then the new Band 2 can always be purchased for a far more pricey $249.99.

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