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Bang & Olufsen To Partner With LG On TVs
Bang & Olufsen is a company that many associate with high-end audio and visual products. While many of us probably can’t afford the company’s products, they have entered into partnerships with other companies in the past to lend their technology and branding for products. In fact the most recent partnership we’ve seen is with LG and the LG G5.

LG G5 To Sport B&O Audio Technology
According to the rumors, one of the features of the LG G5 is its Magic Slot. This is basically a slot where users will be able to swap out and add new components. One of those alleged components we learnt about is a DAC that will improve the audio quality coming from the phone, as well as improving audio quality when headphones are plugged into it.

B&O BeoSound 35 Wireless Speakers Unveiled
[CES 2016] Bang & Olufsen is a company that many probably associate with high-end speakers with sleek industrial design, and it seems that in 2016 the company has not disappointed as they have announced their latest speakers, the BeoSound 35, at CES 2016. The BeoSound 35 is one of several speakers announced, but if you’re after a more compact system then this might be for you.Shaped like a soundbar, the […]

Bang & Olufsen Unveil BeoPlay H7 Wireless Headphones
If you’re after a pair of wireless headphones that looks stylish and classy, then you might be interested in Bang & Olufsen’s BeoPlay H7. The company has recently announced their wireless headphones in the form of the BeoPlay H7, although given that ultimately this is a Bang & Olufsen product, it will not necessarily come cheap.So what can we expect from the BeoPlay H7? For starters it will feature wireless […]


Bang & Olufsen Unveils $40,000 BeoLab 90 Speakers
If you thought that companies like Bose and Beats produced expensive audio equipment, it’s safe to say that neither company has anything on Bang & Olufsen. Now we know that the company is known for creating some funky designs and expensive products, which is why it does not really come as a surprise to learn about the BeoLab 90.The BeoLab 90 loudspeakers are the latest creation from the Danish company, […]

HP Unveils Envy 32 Display With Built-In Bang & Olufsen Speakers
When it comes to monitors with built-in speakers, safe to say that we probably shouldn’t expect too much from them. However HP expects to change that with the introduction of the HP Envy 32 display. This is a 32-inch display that comes with built-in speakers courtesy of famed audio company Bang & Olufsen.These front-facing stereo speakers will feature a 6-watt output so safe to say that it will pack quite […]

BeoPlay A6 Is Bang And Olufsen's $1,000 Wireless Speaker
Wireless speakers are quite common these days, you can get one that does the job for less than $50 these days, however if you’re looking for a premium sound experience in a product that also has a great design and is fashioned from high-end materials then you can very well spend up to $1,000. That’s how much you’ll be paying for the BeoPlay A6 which is Bang and Olufsen’s new […]

Bang & Olufsen Is HP's New Audio Partner
HP and Beats have a history of collaborating with each other. Beats used to be the company’s audio partner which is why its technology made it into HP’s devices. The two ultimately broke up and so Hewlett-Packard was back on the market. HP announced today that it has now picked Denmark’s Bang & Olufsen as its new audio partner. The two companies will now collaborate on bringing B&O’s audio expertise […]

Beolit 15 Portable Bluetooth Speakers Unveiled By Bang & Olufsen
There are plenty of Bluetooth speakers available in the market today, but if you’re after something that is elegantly designed and with Bang & Olufsen’s stamp on it, you might be interested to learn that the company has recently taken the wraps off their latest Bluetooth speaker – the Beolit 15.This isn’t Bang & Olufsen’s first forray into Bluetooth speakers. We have seen their portable Bluetooth speaker efforts go way […]

Audi Q7 To Sport Bang & Olufsen Sound System
What happens when you purchase a top range model from Audi, especially where the Audi Q7 is concerned? Why, it makes perfect sense for the German automaker to throw in other high quality components as well, and in this particular case, we see Audi working alongside Bang & Olufsen to deliver what has been deemed to be the “most revolutionary collaborative sound system to date”.

BeoPlay H8 on-ear headphones from B&O PLAY
Bang & Olufsen is introducing the BeoPlay H8 on-ear headphones, a product from its B&O PLAY brand. Users can control to the new headphones with an intuitive touch interface on the aluminum clad ear cup. By tapping and swiping, you can answer calls, control the volume, select a track or activate the noise cancellation.

BeoSound Moment, Smart Music System Match Your Mood
Bang & Olufsen is coming to CES with BeoSound Moment, an intelligent wireless music system that can play audio files and connect to online music services. The company claims that Beosound Moment is the world’s first touch-sensitive wood interface. Bang & Olufsen has a reputation to push the envelope in terms of design and I am very curious to try the intriguing touch-sensitive wood interface.  In a sea of plastic […]

Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay A2 Bluetooth Speakers Unveiled
Bluetooth speakers have typically gotten a bad rep simply because there are some who do not believe that speakers are meant to be wireless as it could distort some of the audio qualities. That might be true, but at the same time they are incredibly portable which makes them great if you’re going on a trip.That being said, the folks at Bang & Olufsen have recently taken the wraps off […]

Bang & Olufsen's BeoLab 17 Speakers Get A Black Aluminum Makeover
Back in 2013, famed audio company Bang & Olufsen unveiled the BeoLab 17 set of speakers. Well if you liked what you saw, you might be interested to learn that Bang & Olufsen have recently given the speakers a makeover, which will now be available in a black aluminum finish which we have to admit looks pretty awesome.For those who might have missed the announcement last year, the BeoLab 17 […]