lg logoAccording to the rumors, one of the features of the LG G5 is its Magic Slot. This is basically a slot where users will be able to swap out and add new components. One of those alleged components we learnt about is a DAC that will improve the audio quality coming from the phone, as well as improving audio quality when headphones are plugged into it.

In fact the rumors have suggested that LG is working with Bang & Olufsen (B&O) on the technology, and it looks like the rumors were right. It seems that LG is leaving little to the imagination because according to an announcement by the company, they have confirmed that they are working with B&O to provide audio technology to the LG G5.

According to the translation of LG’s announcement, the company’s Electronic Business Division President was quoted as saying, “This collaboration will set a new standard year strategic collaboration watching the line you want to meet the high expectations of consumers, a broad and diverse areas in the smartphone market for smartphone audio.”

Note that LG did not confirm the Magic Slot feature or the DAC accessory, so we’re not sure to what extent they are working with B&O on. Maybe it could simply be a collaboration like HTC did with Beats, but do check back with us this coming Sunday where all will be revealed.

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