If you thought that companies like Bose and Beats produced expensive audio equipment, it’s safe to say that neither company has anything on Bang & Olufsen. Now we know that the company is known for creating some funky designs and expensive products, which is why it does not really come as a surprise to learn about the BeoLab 90.

The BeoLab 90 loudspeakers are the latest creation from the Danish company, which apparently was created to celebrate the company’s 90th anniversary which happens next month. Safe to say that these speakers aren’t for everyone because they cost an eye-watering $40,000.

They also weigh a massive 300 pounds so good luck trying to get these up into your home. Putting its weight and price tag aside, the BeoLab will feature a very unique design. It will be able to output 360-degree audio and is an 8,200 watt speaker, thanks to its 18 drivers and amplifiers that have been built into it.

It even comes with an accompanying smartphone app that lets you optimize the speakers. This is done by taking into account the room’s acoustics, and will also take furniture into consideration. There are even features like “beam width control” which supposedly lets users “steer the sound radiation to your favorite listening location.”

It sounds a bit much but when you have speakers that cost $40,000, damn right we want all the bells and whistles!

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