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New Batman Movie Production May Not Start Until Next Year
The Batman franchise is being rebooted with Ben Affleck in the lead role. Fans who have been waiting to see what path the franchise goes down next will have to wait considering that latest reports suggest that production of the new Batman movie may not begin until next year. The lead actor was expected to direct the movie himself but now we know that’s not going to happen. The movie […]

Matt Reeves Will Be Officially Directing Solo Batman Movie
Last week it was speculated that Matt Reeves could be the director for the standalone Batman movie. Turns out the rumors were right because it has since been officially confirmed that Reeves will indeed be directing the upcoming movie which was previously meant to be directed by Ben Affleck who will also be reprising his role as Batman.

New ‘Batman’ Director Might Have Already Been Found
As you might have heard that day, Ben Affleck had confirmed that he would no longer be directing the solo Batman movie. This left many wondering who could be the new director. According to a report from Variety, a potential new director might have been found in Matt Reeves.

Ben Affleck Confirms He Will Not Be Directing ‘Batman’ Movie
Earlier this year, it was suggested that Ben Affleck might not be directing the upcoming standalone “Batman” movie. However later it was suggested that he might be directing it, but after a bit of back and forth it has been officially confirmed in a report by Variety that Affleck will no longer be directing the movie.


New Batman Movie Director Confirmed
We’ve known for a few months now that a standalone Batman movie is in the works. While the title hasn’t been confirmed as yet, the movie is currently referred to as The Batman. Ben Affleck will be playing Bruce Wayne in the movie, he has already starred as the Caped Crusader in last year’s Batman vs Superman and Suicide Squad. Affleck was previously ambivalent about directing this movie but he […]

New Batman Movie Director Might Not Be Ben Affleck
Ben Affleck took on the role of Bruce Wayne a.k.a Batman last year as part of his work on the Batman vs Superman movie. He also made a cameo as the Caped Crusader in Suicide Squad so it’s safe to say that he’s going to hold on to the cape and cowl for some time. A standalone Batman movie has already been confirmed but it’s not confirmed as yet whether […]

Ben Affleck Batman Movie Release Might Be Set For 2018
It has already been confirmed that there’s a new standalone Batman movie in the pipeline and this time it’s Ben Affleck who’s going to play our favorite Caped Crusader. Details about the plot are slim at this point in time and it hasn’t been confirmed when this movie is going to be released. However, some new information has surfaced online which suggests that the Ben Affleck Batman movie release is […]

Ben Affleck’s Solo Batman Movie Could Begin Filming In Summer 2017
Earlier this year it was confirmed that Ben Affleck would be getting his own solo Batman movie. However many are probably wondering when we will see the movie, especially with other DC movies that are in the works, such as Justice League that will be released in 2017. While a date has yet to be set, filming could begin in 2017.

Telltale Will Release Third Episode For Batman On October 25th
Telltale released its episodic Batman game a couple of months ago. It has released two episodes so far and today it announced that the third episode of this game is going to be released on October 25th. Batman’s third episode is called New World Order. The story will progress further in this latest episode as it brings players closer to the finale, only two more episodes remain after New World […]

Ben Affleck’s Solo Batman Movie Will Be Called ‘The Batman’
While many expressed their skepticism about Ben Affleck portraying Batman, especially following Christian Bale’s performance, Affleck seemed to have proved everyone wrong. Granted Batman V Superman did not live up to the hype, if there was one thing that many agreed on would be on how well Affleck came off playing Batman.

Potential Solo Batman Film Release Date Might Have Been Revealed
So maybe Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad didn’t exactly live up to the hype, but DC still has a ton of movies in the works so we guess there are still plenty of chances for them to right the ship. One of those movies includes a solo Batman film starring none other than Ben Affleck, but the question is, when will it be released?

Batman: Return to Arkham Release Date Confirmed
Batman: Return to Arkham was announced earlier this year in May and Rocksteady initially said that this title would be released on July 26th. By the end of June, the developer had confirmed that it was delaying the release to the fall. Reports suggested that it had to make this decision following frame rate issues and other problems. Rocksteady has today confirmed the Batman: Return to Arkham release date. The […]

Telltale's Batman Game Arrives August 2nd
Telltale Games confirmed a few months ago that it’s building an episodic Batman game. It already has considerable experience of making episodic titles, it’s the studio behind The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us games, so fans have high expectations. The studio has confirmed today that the first episode of this game – titled Realm of Shadows – is going to premiere on August 2nd.

Batman: Return To Arkham Could Be Arriving November
Warner Bros. was initially planning on releasing Batman: Return to Arkham in July. However towards the end of June, the publisher announced that they would be delaying the game indefinitely as it did not even have a date that we could look forward to. The reason was due to the additional polish the game needed.