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Batman: Return To Arkham Has Been Delayed Indefinitely
Last month it was announced that Warner Bros. would be remastering the original Batman Arkham games and releasing it as Batman: Return to Arkham. The game was expected to be launched next month but it seems that Warner Bros. has announced that the game will now be delayed.

Batman: Arkham VR Will Let You Play As Batman
With virtual reality continuing its momentum, it isn’t surprising that this year’s E3 saw a lot of titles created with VR in mind, like Fallout 4 for example. Now the good news is that if you’re after more VR titles, Sony has officially announced Batman: Arkham VR which will allow gamers to stand in the shoes of the caped crusader.

The Walking Dead Season Three Release Scheduled For This Fall
Telltale has confirmed that season three of its episodic The Walking Dead game series is going to be released later this year in the fall. The previous two seasons of The Walking Dead game have been well received so fans are anxiously waiting to get their hands on the new episode. Telltale has also been working on an episodic Batman game, it says that the Batman game will make an […]

Original Batman Arkham Games Will Be Released For PS4 And Xbox One In July
Batman fans rejoice! Warner Brothers has confirmed today that it’s going to release two of the original Batman Arkham games for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in July. These titles were originally released for last-generation consoles so they’ve received some visual enhancements ahead of their arrival on existing consoles.


Batman: The Killing Joke Will See A Summer Release
R-rated films have been around for a while now, although safe to say that it’s really thanks to Marvel’s Deadpool movie that showed that despite the R-rating (which also means a limited audience), movies and shows can still go on to do pretty well and earn millions upon millions of dollars for studios.

Warner Bros. Confirms Standalone Batman Film With Ben Affleck
Ever since Ben Affleck was cast in the role of Batman in the Batman V Superman movie, there have been rumors suggesting that the actor could possibly be getting his own standalone Batman movie. Given Affleck’s age, it will be interesting to see how a Batman movie featuring an older Batman would hold up.

Lego Batman Movie Trailer Features A Cameo By Ben Affleck
Warner Bros. has released a new teaser trailer for The Lego Batman movie today. The first teaser trailer released for this animated movie became quite popular after it was posted online so Warner thought it was best to come out with another one, particularly since Batman v Superman is already the talk of the town and is breaking records left, right and center. The latest teaser trailer features a cameo […]

Batman v Superman Sets Domestic Release Record With $170 Million
Fans don’t seem to have paid much attention to bad reviews from critics for Batman v Superman because the movie has already broken several records and is setting some new ones as it continues its march at the box office. With $170.1 million at the domestic box office during the opening weekend, Batman v Superman is now the sixth-biggest opening weekend in history, the biggest March debut ever for a […]

Batman v Superman Breaks Box Office Records
Critics haven’t penned the best of reviews for Batman v Superman, one of the most highly anticipated movies of 2016, but that hasn’t stopped people from going out and watching it on the big screen. Batman v Superman has already broken some box office records and is well on its way to break some more. Just imagine what would have happened if the critics were actually in agreement about the […]

Explore The New Batcave In Google Street View
One of the most highly anticipated movies of 2016 is now in theatres across the globe. Batman v Superman brings us Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne and with a new Batman comes a new Batcave. Even if you’ve not gone in to see the movie yet you’ll have some idea of what a Batcave is supposed to be, it holds all of the tech, equipment and vehicles that the caped […]

Telltale Reveals First Details About Its Batman Game
It was back in December last year that Telltale confirmed that it’s going to develop a new episodic Batman game which it will release in 2016. A few months after the announcement the company has released first details concerning its new Batman game at the SXSW festival. It confirmed that development has been moving along “swiftly” and that it’s going to show scenes from the game closer to its premiere […]

Amazon Echo Opens Door To Murder Investigation Of Batman’s Parents
I am quite sure that many of us are looking forward to Batman taking on the Son of Krypton, Superman, in the upcoming Batman v Superman movie, but until then, what else can you keep yourself occupied with? Amazon has just the thing for you, having worked out a partnership with Warner Bros. and DC Comics, delivering a rather unique promotion for the movie where anyone with an Amazon Echo […]

Final Batman V. Superman Trailer Released
Millions of fans across the globe are waiting for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice to hit the big screen next month. A few teasers and trailers for this movie have already been released so we’ll all seen a bit of footage and have some idea of what to expect from the two superheroes duking it out. The final Batman v. Superman trailer has been released today and it’s a […]

18,000 Piece LEGO Arkham Asylum Comes With Built-In LEDs
The thing about LEGO is that at the end of the day, it really boils down to your imagination as to what you can build with it. We have seen all kinds of crazy creations, but if you are a fan of Batman, then this 18,000 piece Arkham Asylum recreation is pretty damn awesome, especially when you consider that every inmate has their own cell, and it comes with working […]