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BlackBerry 10 rumored to be a disaster
RIM might be turning down buyout offers from other companies because it wants to fight its own battles, but according to one of BGR’s “most trusted sources” the future apparently looks very bleak for RIM. Other than the site’s word, there’s really no proof to back up what they reported, so take it with a huge spoonful of salt. Apparently the PlayBook 2.0 OS that is being tested right now […]

BlackBerry Milan render leaked?
While we’re still many months away from the arrival of the first BlackBerry 10 (formerly BBX) devices, that doesn’t mean we don’t get a preview of what they look like. The folks over at Crackberry have managed to uncover an image render of what appears to be the BlackBerry Milan. If this picture is the real deal, then it looks like the Milan isn’t just another version of the BlackBerry […]

BlackBerry 10 is next operating system name
Well, after all the attention being focused on Research In Motion’s (RIM) naming convention for the upcoming BlackBerry operating system, with BBX taking top spot due to the Roman numeral system, it seems that RIM had to go back to the drawing board, or at least, settle for a more mediocre, albeit accurate moniker – BlackBerry 10. Kiss goodbye to BBX then, and the entire setup is not all that […]

2012 Blackberry devices will be "charming, whimsical and fun"
So we reported earlier that RIM was planning to keep making keyboard phones that have been their trademark, and now thanks to RIM’s senior vice president of industrial design, Todd Wood, we now know that next year’s Blackberry devices will be “charming, whimsical and fun”, although we have to admit that’s rather hard to imagine given how all Blackberry devices give off a rather subdued and businesslike look.It seems that […]


BlackBerry London: First BBX device spotted in the wild?
Last week RIM mentioned that their upcoming BBX phones won’t look anything like the BlackBerry Bold, and judging by a photograph that recently found its way into the offices of The Verge, it looks like they weren’t joking around. The photograph shows a never seen before BlackBerry device, running a band new operating system that looks vaguely similar to QNX (PlayBook’s OS).The phone has been given the codename London and […]

Blackberry Colt could come with 4G LTE support
RIM’s Blackberry Colt is expected to be the company’s first BBX device. Not much is known about the device since RIM has done a pretty good job at keeping things hush for now, but recently a source has told N4BB one juicy detail about the Colt which we are sure will please many Blackberry users. According to the source, the upcoming Blackberry Colt will come with support for 4G LTE […]

RIM will continue to support Flash for the Blackberry Playbook
So we know that Adobe has plans to drop Flash for mobile browsers, but it seems like RIM is holding on somewhat stubbornly as they have announced that they will continue to develop the Flash plug-in for their Blackberry Playbook tablet device. This is because RIM “remains committed to delivering an uncompromised web browsing experience,” which apparently will require the use of the Adobe Flash plug-in.RIM is able to achieve […]

RIM's new BBX phones won't look like the BlackBerry Bold
Back in October, RIM officially announced its next generation operating system – BBX, which was supposed to be the combination of the best parts of BlackBerry OS and QNX. But if you’re expecting BBX phones to look just like the current BlackBerry phones that you know now, you’re going to be way off the mark. According to an interview that Alec Saunders, RIM’s VP of Developer Relations and Ecosystem Development […]

Additional Blackberry Colt specs revealed
There has been a lot of talk surrounding RIM’s new platform – BBX. The new platform is to RIM what Windows Phone is to Nokia, a second chance at reclaiming the market that both companies used to dominate, and along with their new platform, there has been talks about a BBX device called the Blackberry Colt, and thanks to n4bb, more details surrounding the device have emerged, although we’ll probably […]

BlackBerry Cascades UI demonstrated [video]
RIM’s new operating system BBX was officially unveiled yesterday, and one of its key features is the Cascades UI Framework. It was also demonstrated for the first time yesterday, and today on the official BlackBerry blog it has been detailed with an accompanying demonstration video. The post reveals that TAT (The Astonishing Tribe), the company that RIM acquired, has been using Cascade for many years in its own UIs and […]

RIM officially unveils BBX
It looks like the rumors about BBX being announced at DevCon 2011 turned out to be true. At the BlackBerry DevCon today, RIM officially unveiled its next generation smartphone platform: BBX. After 12 years of churning out phones based on the BlackBerry OS, it looks like the company is ready to move forward with a new platform. And it’s about time. While BBX will be built from the ground up, it […]

BlackBerry DevCon 2011 keynote to be streamed live
Great news for folks who won’t be able to attend the BlackBerry DevCon this year. For the first time ever, RIM will be broadcasting the presentation live on the internet. The company has just put up a landing page live for the webcast at the BlackBerry DevCon website. For folks keen on watching the live broadcast, you can tune into the BlackBerry DevCon page tomorrow (Tuesday, October 18th) when it […]

RIM to announce BlackBerry X at this month's DevCon?
It looks like RIM is working hard to bounce back to its feet after posting disappointing results for Q2 this year. The sales of the new BlackBerry phones have been doing alright, and the PlayBook tablets received a price cut so things should get better as well. And now, we’ve got some interesting rumors about what RIM has in store for us at this month’s developer’s conference – better known […]