BlackBerry PlayBookSo we know that Adobe has plans to drop Flash for mobile browsers, but it seems like RIM is holding on somewhat stubbornly as they have announced that they will continue to develop the Flash plug-in for their Blackberry Playbook tablet device. This is because RIM “remains committed to delivering an uncompromised web browsing experience,” which apparently will require the use of the Adobe Flash plug-in.

RIM is able to achieve this because they have licensed the entire source code for the Flash plug-in, which we’re sure cost them a pretty penny. We’re not sure if RIM is attempting to salvage the Playbook by continuing to offer the Flash experience, but then again Flash does play a big part in RIM’s BBX (formerly known as QNX) platform, so perhaps in a way RIM has no choice but to continue support Adobe Flash for their future BBX devices, the Playbook included.

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