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Belkin Announces Plans To Purchase Linksys From Cisco
It looks as though last month’s rumor of Cisco looking to sell its Linksys division turned out to be true as we have just received a press release from Belkin announcing they plan to buy Linksys.Belkin has entered into an agreement with Cisco to purchase its Home Networking Business Unit, which includes the Linksys brand and its employees. Belkin, which is also a major player in the home networking world, hasn’t […]

Belkin Thunderstorm iPad Speaker Case
Dubbed a Handheld Home Theater by its creators, The Belkin Thunderstorm is an iPad speaker case that aims at producing a great sound, while integrating with the iPad as closely as possible. The idea is that an external speaker (a la Jambox) may produce a reasonable sound and it is great at home, but it is typically not so awesome to transport and move around.With the Belkin Thunderstorm, the speaker […]

Belkin is first off the blocks with decent third-party Lightning accessories
Reception towards the new Lightning connector is a mixed bag of goodies, where it was released in conjunction with the iPhone 5, and not everyone embraced yet another different kind of proprietary connector as this would mean they will have to purchase adapters as well as upgrade their accessories collection should they decide to jump aboard the iPhone 5 bandwagon. In particular, the Lightning 8-pin plug came with an authentication […]

Belkin NetCam Wi-Fi Camera sports Night Vision capability
I am quite sure that you have played enough video games and watched your fair share of movies to know just how cool it is to wear night vision gear, allowing you to pick out details that you would never have noticed in extremely low light conditions. Well, the Belkin NetCam Wi-Fi Camera does come with night vision capability, and this will surely go some way in introducing peace of […]


The Belkin WeMo Baby is a modern day baby monitor
While baby monitors are certainly not a new piece of technology, we guess given that how big a role smartphones and tablets play in our lives these days that the technology behind baby monitors will be changed as well. Belkin has done that with the WeMo Baby which is part of the company’s WeMo line of home automated gadgets. The WeMo Baby is essentially a more high-tech version of the […]

Belkin WeMo home automation system now up for pre-order
With the rapid advancement of technology, we guess it was only a matter of time before home automations started to become more commonplace. If this is an idea you’d like to hop on board with, you might have heard of Belkin’s WeMo Switch and Motion products. Well if you have, the good news is that these products are now up for pre-order via Belkin or Amazon’s website with the Switch/Motion […]

Belkin shows off redesigned Thunderbolt Express Dock, now upgraded with USB 3.0 ports
Belkin has been showing off their Thunderbolt Express Dock a couple of times before, and it looks like this could be the final version before it is finally released this September. Now in the past Belkin had unveiled this particular accessory, most notably back in CES 2012. For those who might remember, well this third version of the Thunderbolt Express Dock has undergone a slight redesign. The new version will […]

Belkin diving into the 802.11ac wireless networking market
Computer hardware manufacturer Belkin has announced its plans to become one of the first to sell a line of wireless dual-band routers supporting the new 802.11ac wireless networking standard. In case you didn’t know, 802.11ac is a wireless computer networking standard of 802.11 that is currently under development. Technically, 802.11ac provides high throughput Wireless Local Area Networks (WLAN) on the 5 GHz band. The IEEE expects the 802.11ac standard to […]

Belkin has Samsung Galaxy S3 accessories lined up
We do know that the Samsung Galaxy S3 is Samsung’s pre-emptive strike against the next generation iPhone, and the announcement of the Galaxy S3 certainly created a whole lot of buzz when it was revealed recently. Well, we do know that Samsung’s wireless charger for the Galaxy S3 has been delayed, but this has not stopped third party accessory manufacturers such as Belkin from coming up with their own interpretation […]

Belkin LiveAction iOS Camera Remote now available
One of the drawbacks to using self-timers is that you’ll have to rush into the frame the minute the timer goes off, which is why remote shutter triggers are a lot more handy albeit more expensive. The good news for those of you shopping about for a remote shutter control for your iPhone is that the Belkin LiveAction iOS Camera Remote is now available, and as the name implies, it […]

Belkin Thunderbolt Express Dock
[CES 2012] Belkin has jumped into the Thunderbolt fray with their Belkin Thunderbolt Express Dock at CES 2012, where it will allow Macbook and Ultrabook users to access multiple desktop peripherals in a jiffy using but a solitary cable. With the Thunderbolt Express Dock, you are able to hook up to multiple USB devices simultaneously, view movies in Full HD 1080p without missing a beat, take a fraction of the time […]

Belkin N900 Router Pushes WiFi-N to the limit
[CES 2012] The Belkin N900 router probably represents one of the last evolution of the WiFi-N routers before WiFi-AC (the next-gen WiFi) start to take over, in the next couple of years. WiFi-N is the most current WiFi standard and it has the fastest stable specifications. However, there are a few things that can be done to push it further and it looks like Belkin has been all over it.Routers […]

Belkin Wemo arrives at the FCC
The folks over at the FCC must be pretty busy, especially when the holiday season draws near simply because manufacturers would be rushing to roll out their devices to the masses as soon as possible – and prior to hitting store shelves, they will need to go through the hoops and loops at the FCC. Belkin’s latest device, the Wemo, has arrived at the FCC’s doorsteps, where its filings do […]

Belkin LiveAction camera remote heads for the iPhone
One would think that Belkin tends to roll out accessories for devices associated with Apple, and that line of thinking is definitely not wrong with the latest gizmo to hit the FCC. Known as the Belkin LiveAction camera, this particular peripheral is actually a remote shutter release for the iPhone. No idea on pricing or availability, but so far whatever paperwork that was released does reveal just how it works […]