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Belkin Announces iPad Air Compatible Keyboard Cases And Other Accessories
Apple held its long-awaited “a lot to cover” event yesterday where they announced a new MacBook Pro, iPad Mini and iPad Air. Not only can you expect your wallets to feel a little bit lighter this holiday season as a result of their announcements, but you can also expect accessory makers to begin announcing their products that support Apple’s newest devices. Belkin is one of those accessory makers and they sure […]

Belkin Skorpion Will Detect Malware While Recharging Your Android Device
If there are two things Android users are constantly thinking about when they’re walking around with their device in their pocket or bag, we’d guess it’d be “How’s my battery?” and “Did I download any malware recently?” Recharging your battery is pretty easy as you can just plug your device into a wall or a portable charger, but knowing whether or not your live wallpaper of Adventure Time has malware […]

LEGO And Belkin Team Up For iPhone 5 Case
Back in the day before smartphones and tablets, kids used to play with LEGO to the point where even in our late twenties and early thirties, playing with LEGO is still an enjoyable past time. Well if you have some loose LEGO pieces lying around, LEGO and Belkin have announced a partnership in which the toy maker and case manufacturer have created an official LEGO iPhone 5 case. Given that […]

Belkin WeMo Light Switch Now Available
Normally when the name Belkin crops up in a story or conversation, you can be sure that the attention would be focused on the various networking products that the company have come up with in the past. Well, this time around, Belkin has announced that their WeMo Light Switch is now available, where it will deliver a new layer of innovation to the WeMo smart home platform which was made […]


Belkin LEGO iPhone 5 Case Offers Infinite Customization Possibilities
Belkin recently launched its LEGO iPhone 5 case, which allows you to use LEGO bricks on your phone.

Belkin Announces Grip Power Battery Case For The iPhone 5
Let’s face it, despite Apple’s claims of a larger battery and a longer lasting phone, the iPhone’s battery does leave something to be desired, although we guess it will depend on how one uses their device to begin with. Now if you’re a heavy user who uses their phone all day to surf the web, watch videos, and listen to music, chances are you will find yourself running low on […]

BelkinDyle Mobile TV Receiver For iOS Devices Launched
The BelkinDyle Mobile TV receiver for iPhone and iPad has been launched today with a price tag of $129.

Belkin Thunderbolt Express Dock Now Available For $299
We caught a glimpse of the Belkin Thunderbolt Express Dock at CES 2012, and since then, the company has run the product through a redesign to make it appear a lot slimmer while also adding USB 3.0 ports to it. After much waiting, it looks like Belkin is finally ready to set its Thunderbolt Express Dock into the world as it’s now available to purchase.As you probably already know, the Thunderbolt Express […]

Belkin Unveils Ultimate Keyboard Case For The iPad
The other day Logitech announced a keyboard folio for the iPad and iPad mini, and unsurprisingly it looks like their competitor in the iOS accessory market, Belkin, is not taking this lying down and has announced their down keyboard case for the iPad. Dubbed the Ultimate Keyboard Case, this keyboard case pretty much acts in the same way as Logitech’s version, although in Belkin’s case it comes with a magnetic […]

Belkin Works With LEGO For New Mobile Accessories
Belkin does not only come up with reliable networking devices, they are also a powerhouse in the world of mobile accessories, too. Having said that, we are pleased to hear that Belkin recently announced that they are involved in a multi-year licensing partnership with The LEGO Group, which means that this gives them the freedom and opportunity to create innovative and fun accessories where mobile devices are concerned. This collaboration […]

Belkin FastFit Keyboard Case For iPad Mini Offers 155 Hours Of Use For $80
Hot on the heels of Logitech’s announcement yesterday of its popular Ultrathin Keyboard being made for the iPad Mini, Belkin has a bit of news of its own concerning its own keyboard case for the iPad Mini.Belkin’s FastFit keyboard case is said to be the “lightest and thinnest” keyboard case around as it measures in at just 7mm thick, which is actually thinner than the iPad Mini itself. What helps […]

Belkin Announces Plans To Purchase Linksys From Cisco
It looks as though last month’s rumor of Cisco looking to sell its Linksys division turned out to be true as we have just received a press release from Belkin announcing they plan to buy Linksys.Belkin has entered into an agreement with Cisco to purchase its Home Networking Business Unit, which includes the Linksys brand and its employees. Belkin, which is also a major player in the home networking world, hasn’t […]

Belkin Thunderstorm iPad Speaker Case
Dubbed a Handheld Home Theater by its creators, The Belkin Thunderstorm is an iPad speaker case that aims at producing a great sound, while integrating with the iPad as closely as possible. The idea is that an external speaker (a la Jambox) may produce a reasonable sound and it is great at home, but it is typically not so awesome to transport and move around.With the Belkin Thunderstorm, the speaker […]

Belkin is first off the blocks with decent third-party Lightning accessories
Reception towards the new Lightning connector is a mixed bag of goodies, where it was released in conjunction with the iPhone 5, and not everyone embraced yet another different kind of proprietary connector as this would mean they will have to purchase adapters as well as upgrade their accessories collection should they decide to jump aboard the iPhone 5 bandwagon. In particular, the Lightning 8-pin plug came with an authentication […]