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Nokia Updates Symbian Belle Feature Pack 1 And FP 2 Phones
Nokia has just announced that they will be pushing out updates for Symbian Belle Feature Pack 1 and Feature Pack 2 handsets, where among these would include the super high resolution camera totin’ device known as the Nokia 808 PureView (we’re talking about 41 megapixels here!). Other models that are covered by the update would include those manufactured sometime in late 2011 and 2012. This particular update would see the […]

Skype 2.1.23 update for Belle FP2 could be the last
Yes, we do know and are full well aware that the Belle FP2 operating system might be more or less the last one for folks who have devices which run on the Symbian platform, and having said that, there are also other devices out there which still have Symbian as its operating system of choice, and some of these folks do use apps like Skype, you know. We are glad […]

Symbian Belle FP2 update results in keyboard issues?
I know that the Symbian operating system can be said to be in the same boat as RIM – they are both a dying breed. The thing is, there are still a fair number of people in developing countries that do not yet own a smartphone, although you can be quite sure that with each new phone purchase they make down the road, the chances of them picking up a […]

Belle FP2 update runs into issues, remains unavailable for now
I know that there is a segment of the population out there who must be pretty excited to hear about the Belle FP2 update from Nokia rolling out a short while ago, but it seems that life is not too peachy keen as the very same update has been removed due to some performance issues that plagued it. This particular software update would affect the following handsets (in a good […]


YouTube Free for Nokia Belle devices
If you are still rocking to one of those old school Belle-powered devices from Nokia, then you might be interested to hear that a YouTube Free app has been hanging around for your Nokia Belle smartphone. This particular YouTube app will enable you to sign in to your account, while you can still keep a keen eye out for any of the videos that you previously uploaded to YouTube. One […]

Nokia Weather Widget on Symbian Belle
How’s the weather, mate? If you are one who is interested to know just how the weather is at the moment (simply because you work in a concrete building that does not let you know just whether it is super hot outside, or raining cats and dogs), then you might be interested in the Nokia Weather Widget if you happen to own a Symbian Belle powered smartphone. The Nokia Weather […]

Nokia Weather Widget for Belle
Yes, Nokia Belle Feature Pack 1 is rolling out to other Nokia handsets in due time, and here is the Nokia Weather Widget for Belle that you might want to look into so that you need not get caught unawares whenever you head outdoors. After all, nobody likes to walk outside and suddenly make a break for it, looking for some shelter when the skies open and start to rain […]

Nokia Maps Suite beta arrives for Nokia Belle
It was just a couple of days ago that we reported Nokia rolling out the Belle update for a range of smartphones on their side (non-Windows Phone models, obviously), and following that, here is an additional feature that you might want to check out on your Nokia handset. We are talking about the Nokia Maps Suite which is still in beta format, and Nokia wants you to test it out […]

Nokia Belle update could start rolling out 8th February
So while we may have gotten official word that the Nokia Belle update is expected to roll out in February, unfortunately it was not specified as to when exactly in February will Symbian users be receiving the update. Well that could have changed thanks to Nokia’s Vietnamese website who might have accidentally let the cat out of the bag ahead of schedule, thus revealing that the update will begin rolling […]

Symbian Belle updates coming early 2012
Symbian, Symbian, what are we to do with you? You used to be the de facto operating system when it came to mobile phones, but with the introduction of smartphones, your market share started getting chipped away at, and nothing was done until it was a little bit too late, leading to the quagmire that you find yourself in today. Nokia, in fact, has already decided to ditch the Symbian […]

Nokia explains the design process behind Symbian Belle
If you’ve always wondered what went through the minds of the designers at Nokia while they were designing Symbian Belle, you’re in luck. The company has recently posted up a short documentary on its official blog, describing the whole design process. Basically, the designers wanted users to spend less time looking down at their devices, and spend more time interacting with the world around them. With that in mind, they […]

Belle update in the pipeline?
Hmmm – could this be true? Is Nokia working on a new Symbian Belle update that is said to beheaded towards S^3 handsets? Nothing is confirmed yet, so this remains clearly in the rumors category, but there were some screenshots in an apparently leaked “secret” video (which obviously isn’t so secret anymore), that shows off differences compared to the Belle whom we all know and love. The video is available […]

Symbian Belle launched by Nokia
At long last, the successor to Symbian Anna is finally out – and here are all the details of the new Symbian Belle operating system update. As with any other new operating systems, you will find a slew of improvements and features that intend to make it the best yet – and Symbian Belle might disappoint just a select few once you’re done reading. Continuing the good work where Symbian […]

Nokia launches countdown to “something new on Symbian”
Can’t wait until the latest version of Symbian hits your Nokia smartphone? Or looking forward to the introduction of new handsets that run on Symbian Belle? It looks like you won’t have to wait in the dark anymore. Nokia has updated its official Facebook page with a very nice looking countdown and the message “It’s almost time to try something new… something new on Symbian”. With the leaked version of […]