I know that the Symbian operating system can be said to be in the same boat as RIM – they are both a dying breed. The thing is, there are still a fair number of people in developing countries that do not yet own a smartphone, although you can be quite sure that with each new phone purchase they make down the road, the chances of them picking up a smartphone would increase. Having said that, if you have updated your device with the Symbian Belle FP2 update, how has your alphanumeric keyboard’s performance been? There has been at least one complaint online, citing that upon installation of the Belle FP2 update, the new T9/Alphanumeric keyboard ended up in a far worse state than before, being cited as “pretty terrible and a big
step back in usability.”

It seems that this particular complaint did not come from just one person, as there are also others who agreed with the poster. Bear in mind that the performance issues seem to be limited only to the T9/Alphanumeric keyboard, and has nothing to do with the portrait or landscape QWERTY which is said to have improved by a fair margin.

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