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BlackBerry 10 BBM Status Update Can Make 'Private Videos' Public
We all know some time in our lives, we’re going to turn to the Internet to handle certain “adult urges” that we may need to relieve. One of the last things most people wouldn’t want to share is their viewing habits, especially if you’re into some stuff that wouldn’t be considered “normal.” Even though you do your best to steer clear of the share buttons on various adult websites, if […]

Blackberry Launches Website To Simulate Blackberry 10 On Your iPhone Or Android Device
Ever wonder what it would be like to run Blackberry 10? While one way to actually try it out would be to go to a shop and handle the device yourself, say you’re too busy or if you’re not that curious, what would you do then? Well it seems that Blackberry has created a website at (needs to be viewed on your mobile phone) in which you will be […]

Alleged Blackberry 10 2013 Roadmap Leaked [Updated]
So we know that Blackberry is set to release several new devices later this year, two of which we know of: the Blackberry Z10, which has already been released, and the Blackberry Q10 which will be released in the near future. However the remaining devices are something of a mystery, what could Blackberry have planned? Well according to Twitter account, BB10Leaks, they have posted an image (picture above) that is […]

BlackBerry 10 Gets Facebook And Twitter Update
These days, it is no longer enough that your company happens to churn out the most powerful and advanced hardware on the market, if it does not have the relevant software to go along with it. Having said that, the recently introduced BlackBerry 10 platform has been deemed by certain quarters to be BlackBerry’s last chance saloon at making it in the mobile operating system environment, and getting the support […]


Android Ports On BlackBerry 10 Platform Cut Down To 20%
When BlackBerry officially launched its BlackBerry 10 platform along with its BlackBerry Z10 & Q10, the company’s VP of global alliances and business development Martyn Mallick stated 40% of all BlackBerry 10 applications were ports of Android applications. After nearly two months of BlackBerry 10 being available, Mallick is now saying that number has been cut in half to 20%.Mallick spoke with AllThingsD recently on why exactly BlackBerry decided to […]

BlackBerry 10 Partners with PBS, Viacom & Univision
The BlackBerry Z10 was officially released last week as it was made available on AT&T and today, it has been made available for T-Mobile customers. Not only has the Z10 officially launched in the U.S., but the new BlackBerry 10 OS has also been released to the masses. The content selection for the BlackBerry 10 platform are slim pickings at this point, but BlackBerry is announcing some additional worthwhile content for […]

BlackBerry 10 Gets eBay App
The way computing (mobile or otherwise) has changed works this way – no longer do you be the biggest and baddest force in the market simply because your product has the best hardware specifications. There is no point in having the best hardware when you do not have the right kind of software to support it. Well, BlackBerry’s BlackBerry 10 operating system has been deemed by certain quarters that it […]

Increased Collaboration Of Apple Design Teams May Bring New iOS Visual Design
When Scott Forstall was pushed out of Apple it was said that this would usher in increased collaboration between the company’s hardware, software and services teams. His responsibilities were divided between Jony Ive, Bob Mansfield, Eddy Cue and Craig Federighi. According to a new report, this collaboration may result in a new iOS visual design. It is said that before this management shakeup software teams would be kept out of the […]

BlackBerry Z10 US Preorder Volume Reportedly Below Expectations
The BlackBerry Z10 was officially launched on January 30th. It immediately became available for customers in UK and Canada, while gradually releasing in a host of other markets as well. The Z10’s performance in the U.S. is termed as the yardstick by which the success or failure of this device, and BlackBerry 10, will be gauged. According to Jeff Johnston of Detwiler Fenton & Co.’s, his checks indicate pre-order volume […]

Blackberry 10 Not Up To British Government Standards Yet
Blackberry used to be the preferred choice of governments and enterprises, but lately many government organizations and companies have started to make the switch to other operating systems such as iOS and Android. While some government agencies are looking to give Blackberry 10 a chance, it looks like that will not be the case in the UK as the British government claims that the Blackberry 10 operating system has failed […]

White Blackberry Q10 Caught On Video In India, Looks Pretty Good
If Blackberry’s full touchscreen smartphone, the Z10 wasn’t what you wanted and you wanted something a little familiar, chances are you are waiting for Blackberry to release the Q10. For those unfamiliar, the Q10 is a Blackberry 10 device with a familiar QWERTY keyboard layout and it should be released sometime later in April/May. Now if that sounds like what you’re after, then you might be interested to learn that […]

Microsoft Offering Windows Developers $100 In Cash For New Apps
Microsoft has started a new marketing campaign in the US geared primarily towards Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 developers. The Redmond based company is offering $100 in cash to developers who will submit new apps for both of these platforms. They can submit 10 apps in each store and earn up to $2,000. The apps have to be submitted before June 30. The cash incentive will be given to […]

BlackBerry Performs 'At Last' Terribly To Celebrate BB10 US Launch
The BlackBerry Z10 will be available this Friday on AT&T, marking the official launch of BlackBerry 10 in the US. We know many of you BlackBerry owners are excited about this major event, which is why your excitement will probably die down a bit after witnessing what BlackBerry released today.A number of BlackBerry’s senior executives came together with the company’s vice president of developer relations Alec Saunders on lead vocals […]

Blackberry 10 Playbook Pegged For 2013 Launch According To Executive
With the launch of Blackberry 10, we’re sure many are wondering what will happen to the Blackberry Playbook tablet. Will it be seeing a Blackberry 10 update? Well the good news is that if you enjoyed the current version of the Playbook, it seems that later on in 2013, Blackberry will be launching the Blackberry 10 version of the Playbook tablet. This was revealed by Mike Al Mefleh, the director […]