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Report Suggests Blackberry Will Have A Chance To Nab 3rd Spot In Mobile OS Wars
As it stands iOS and Android are currently taking the number 1 and number 2 spots in the smartphone operating system market, leaving the third place to be contested and based on what we can see, both Blackberry 10 and Microsoft with their Windows Phone operating system are no doubt currently vying for that spot, presumably as a stepping stone while they try to overthrow iOS and Android, but who […]

Purported Blackberry 10 R-Series In Red Caught On Camera
So in terms of smartphones launched with the latest Blackberry 10 operating system, we know that there is the Z10 and the Q10, both of which are high-end devices, but what about mid or low-ranged Blackberry 10 smartphones? Well we do know that Blackberry is working on another smartphone as part of its R-series, and thanks to a photo posted on Instagram, it seems that we might be looking at […]

iOS And Samsung Galaxy Devices Reportedly Being Approved For Use By DoD
A new report from The Wall Street Journal reveals that the Department of Defense is going to approve Apple iOS and Samsung Galaxy devices over the next couple of weeks, for Pentagon officials. This is yet another hit to BlackBerry, as its latest devices will be receiving some stiff competition from these popular devices in this particular section of the market. BlackBerry has always touted its secure platform, but the […]

BlackBerry Makes Nominal Usage Share Gain in April
The recent struggle of BlackBerry to turn itself around is no secret. Back in January they revealed their latest OS, BlackBerry 10, and also announced two new devices that are powered by it. Initially only the BlackBerry Z10 was available, while the Q10 went on sale in the last few days of April. Numbers from Net Applications reveal that off the back of Z10 sales BlackBerry has made a nominal […]


Future Blackberry 10 Devices May No Longer Feature Removable Batteries [Rumor]
Back in the day, phones with removable and interchangeable batteries were the norm, but that started to change in more modern phones whose batteries are fixed and sealed in a unibody chassis, resulting in the user having to deal with the size of the battery and be careful about their use to prevent the phone from dying on them in the middle of the day.Thankfully there are still smartphones out […]

WhatsApp Launches On BlackBerry Q10
WhatsApp for BlackBerry 10 is nothing new as the application was made available for the BlackBerry Z10 last month. Seeing how the BlackBerry Q10 will soon be made available on T-Mobile with other carriers expected to announce their plans soon, WhatsApp has just launched its application to fully support the BlackBerry Q10.As you WhatsApp users should already be aware of, the application is completely free to use on the BlackBerry Q10 for […]

BlackBerry Q10 On T-Mobile Available For Business Registration Starting April 29
We heard earlier this morning BlackBerry announced its BlackBerry Q10 will cost $249 with a two-year agreement in the U.S., which we’re sure many of you were probably not expecting considering the BlackBerry Z10 was made available for just $199. One of the first U.S. carriers to finally speak out about the BlackBerry Q10’s availability is T-Mobile, although the information they’re sharing is extremely limited.T-Mobile didn’t announce how much the BlackBerry Q10 […]

BlackBerry Patent Featuring Slider Smartphone Might Hint At BB10 Torch
The BlackBerry Q10 has yet to be released in North America, but it looks like a new patent awarded to BlackBerry may very well hint at a new BlackBerry 10 device.We’ve already seen the touchscreen-based BlackBerry Z10, the QWERTY-keyboard equipped BlackBerry Q10, but a new patent awarded to BlackBerry might hint at a new slider phone. The USPTO document was initially filed back in December 2011 and doesn’t go into […]

Alicia Keys Gives PowerPoint Presentations At BlackBerry Meetings
During the January launch event of BlackBerry 10, the CEO Thorsten Heins announced that they were appointing singer extraordinaire Alicia Keys as the global creative director for BlackBerry. While its a trend to give titles to celebrities who are attached with different companies, BlackBerry CMO Frank Boulben says that Alicia doesn’t merely have a title, rather she’s been involved in quite a few marketing meetings at BlackBerry. At one such meeting, […]

83 Percent Of People Don't Know BlackBerry 10 Launched [Poll]
BlackBerry’s Z10 has made itself available in the U.S., but it looks like according to a recently published poll, there might be more people who are oblivious to the device being available than there are that know they can pick one up right now.The poll was commissioned by research firm MKM Partners which found 83 percent of 1,500 Americans questioned weren’t aware BlackBerry 10 had officially launched. If that number […]

BlackBerry Q10 Releasing On April 30th In Canada [Rumor]
Over the past couple of months there has been a lot of speculation about the release date of BlackBerry Q10. The new BlackBerry 10 devices were announced by the ailing Canadian manufacturer back in January. The Z10 became immediately available in UK and Canada after launch, though the company did not reveal when exactly it would starting shipping Q10. A new rumor suggests that the device will begin shipping on […]

Alleged Blackberry 10 R-Series "Curve" Photo Surfaces
Earlier today we reported that a sketch of what is supposedly the Blackberry 10 R-series was leaked, but unfortunately the sketch wasn’t much to go on. Now the good news is that if a budget Blackberry 10 device sounds like your cup of tea, new photos have emerged (via BBOS), this time alleging to be the photos of the Blackberry 10 R-series “Curve”. We’re not sure if the “Curve” name […]

Entry Level BlackBerry 10 R Series Device Allegedly Leaked
It has been only a couple of months since BlackBerry announced their new BB10 platform and the new Z10 and Q10 smartphones. Both of these devices are high-end devices, while the latter has not even been made available to the public yet. BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins has previously confirmed that they have as much as four BlackBerry 10 devices planned for this year. Sketch of an alleged R Series entry […]

BlackBerry 10 Tablet Might Be In The Works
The BlackBerry PlayBook was certainly a beauty to behold, but unfortunately for the Canada-based company, their tablet did not do too well, and it could have been a case of “once bitten, twice shy” for them as there did not seem to be any plans for BlackBerry to produce a tablet to go along with the recently introduced BlackBerry 10 operating system. Well, things might have taken a U-turn with […]