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WhatsApp For Blackberry 10 Is Finally Here
Good news Blackberry users! We know that some of you guys on Blackberry 10 have been waiting for WhatsApp to launch on the platform, and according to a “prediction” last week, it has come true. Yup in case you did not already know, WhatsApp has finally arrived for Blackberry 10. You will be able to grab it from the Blackberry store so what are you waiting for? With the launch […]

1 Million Order For BlackBerry 10 Devices Keep Canadian Company Happy
BlackBerry, the company once known as Research In Motion, has just announced that they have received a cool 1 million order of BlackBerry 10 devices from an unnamed partner, making this the largest order in their history to date. This is definitely news that will boost the flagging spirits of those over at the ailing smartphone company, where they have seen their market share plummet drastically over the past few […]

WhatsApp For Blackberry 10 Predicted For Release Next Week
Good news Blackberry 10 users! If you’ve been looking for a way to communicate with your non-Blackberry using friends, WhatsApp is probably an app you’ve been looking forward to. The good news is that according to Alex Kinsella on the Blackberry dev relations team, he tweeted that he predicts that WhatsApp will be arriving for Blackberry 10 next week. Considering that he is part of the dev relations team, we […]

Blackberry's CEO Says Sales Of Blackberry 10 Exceeded Their "Ambitious Expectations"
It’s usually expected of CEOs to stand behind their company and their products, so we guess it’s not surprising to hear that Blackberry’s CEO, Thorsten Heins, is proudly standing behind the launch of Blackberry 10. Speaking to Spanish newspaper Expansion (via Bloomberg), Heins expressed that the sales of Blackberry 10 devices last month were beyond the company’s “ambitious expectations”. He also claims that production of their products have increased and […]


T-Mobile To Offer Blackberry Q10 In May
T-Mobile will be launching the Blackberry Z10 for business users come 11th of March, and regular customers should be able to get their hands on it on the 27th. While the full touchscreen design of the Z10 is certainly a refreshing touch, we’re sure that there are some Blackberry users who would prefer the comfort and familiarity of a physical QWERTY keyboard, which for Blackberry 10 devices would mean the […]

Unofficial Instagram Port Arrives On Blackberry 10
While Instagram might be saying “no” to Blackberry 10, it did not stop developers from porting the Android version of Instagram onto Blackberry 10. Yup you heard that right, if you want to use Instagram on your brand new Blackberry Z10, you will now be able to thanks to an Android port. However the catch is that this port of Instagram is not a direct download, meaning that you will […]

Sprint Will Only Offer Blackberry Q10, No Plans For Z10
Blackberry devices in the past were known for its keyboard feature, and while Blackberry is looking to continue that tradition with the Q10, the Canadian company’s current flagship device is the Z10, a full touchscreen Blackberry 10 smartphone. We expect that many carriers will offer the Z10, but it seems that in Sprint’s case, that will not be so. According to Blackberry spokesman, Mark Elliott, it seems that while Sprint […]

BlackBerry 10 Software Gets Update
The BlackBerry 10 operating system was released at the end of January, and it did not take more than a quarter for a new software update to be issued by BlackBerry, bringing the BlackBerry 10 operating system to hit version Just what kind of improvements do you think you can experience with the latest software update?For starters, it is said that 3rd party application performance has increased, allowing developers […]

Blackberry 10 Will Be Available Across The US In A Few Weeks
Are you looking forward to getting your hands on the Blackberry Z10? We’re sure that many Blackberry fans are, but when exactly will it launch? Well the good news is that based on a recent tweet by Blackberry, “BlackBerry 10 will be available across the U.S. in a few short weeks”. Unfortunately no specific dates were mentioned, but we guess that’s as official as it gets. No mention of which […]

BlackBerry Z10 With Verizon Branding Shown Off Again
Ever since BlackBerry officially unveiled its BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 last month, potential customers of both devices have been impatiently waiting for either of them to become available in the U.S. The BlackBerry Z10 launched in India just yesterday, but a U.S. release could be coming pretty soon now that the device has been spotted with Verizon branding.The folks at CrackBerry got their hands on a Verizon-branded BlackBerry Z10, which […]

BlackBerry Tests BBM Money Transfer Service In Indonesia
It’s undeniable BlackBerry’s BBM client is one of the few reasons why BlackBerry owners won’t abandon their phones as they can’t imagine a world without it, even though there are applications like WhatsApp that offer a similar experience on iOS and Android devices. BlackBerry wants to keep its users using its BBM service, which is why they’re looking to expand some of its features in the future.One such feature BlackBerry […]

BlackBerry Z10 Launches In India For $800
The BlackBerry Z10 may have hit the FCC a moment ago, but ultimately, the long-awaited BlackBerry 10 device is still officially unavailable in the U.S. You know where it did just become available? India.BlackBerry is announcing today India is the third region behind the U.K. and Canada to get the BlackBerry Z10. The Z10 will be offered in over 2,000 retail locations across 50 cities around India at the quite hefty […]

WhatsApp For Blackberry 10 Confirmed
Back in December of 2012, it was revealed that WhatsApp had no immediate plans to release an app for Blackberry 10. This was kind of a bummer because BBM only allowed for texting between Blackberry devices, while WhatsApp allowed for communication between multiple platforms. Now the good news is that according to a tweet by Neeraj Arora of WhatsApp, it looks like there will be a native Blackberry 10 app […]

Spotify To Make Its Way Onto Blackberry 10
If you were worried that Blackberry 10 would be void of quality and big-name apps, you might want to rethink that because it looks like Spotify will be making its way onto Blackberry World in the future. This was confirmed by the folks at N4BB who managed to get an exclusive look and demo of the app, although the downside is that they were not allowed to take any photos, […]