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Gameloft Optimizes Popular Titles For BlackBerry 10 Platform
Do you think that the recently introduced BlackBerry 10 operating system is set to be a success? The quick answer from me would be yes, although the size of its success is surely far more difficult to predict. However, Windows Phone 8 might want to look over their shoulders, and it is encouraging to see and hear that developers too, want in on the BlackBerry 10 pie, and leading global […]

BlackBerry Link Desktop Software Goes Live
Yesterday was a big day for RIM, now officially called BlackBerry. In case you missed what happened, you can check out our wrap-up here. Now that BlackBerry has announced BB10 together with Z10 and Q10, what’s left to do is to launch its new desktop software called BlackBerry Link. BlackBerry Link is now live, and folks with a BlackBerry 10 device can download the software to sync, access, and organize […]

BlackBerry Q10 Hands-On: QWERTY Awesomeness + Great Web Experience
After taking a look at the BlackBerry Z10, we wanted to shift our focus on the Q10 since we know many BlackBerry owners out there still love their phones to have physical keyboards. The Q10 gives you the best of both worlds as not only does it offer a QWERTY keyboard for you to poke at, but the device runs BlackBerry 10, which means you’ll have an experience just as […]

BlackBerry 10 OS Features Overview
RIM, now officially called BlackBerry, has officially announced BlackBerry 10. And it definitely has some pretty nifty features that made us say “wow.”  The best new features are the new navigation called “BlackBerry Flow“, BlackBerry Balance for switching from work to personal mode, the new BBM with video calls and screenshare and the great camera application with Timeshift . We are pretty excited to get our hands on the new BlackBerry Z10 to […]


BlackBerry Z10 Hands-On
BlackBerry finally unveiled its BlackBerry 10 to the public today and will soon be launching its new devices in the U.S. some time next month. The BlackBerry 10 device they seem to be the most excited about is its BlackBerry Z10, so we decided to check out BlackBerry’s latest touchscreen device.One of the first things anyone notices when they put a phone in their hand is its weight and the […]

Alicia Keys Is Now BlackBerry's Official Creative Director
BlackBerry has tapped the star powers of 14-time Grammy Award winning artist and songwriter Alicia Keys. Keys, a self-confessed BlackBerry user, is joining the company and will now act as its Global Creative Director. She is expected to work closely with app developers, content creators, retailers, carriers, and fellow entertainers. Keys will also be responsible of enhancing the entertainment consumption and distribution of BlackBerry 10 and will be an active […]

RIM Is Now Officially Called BlackBerry
It is official. Research In Motion is now officially called BlackBerry. The announcement was made today by BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins. One brand, one promise. These are the driving factors of the major change. The announcement is a bold move for the company, and it will probably be remembered as one of the best decisions it has made. What could be better than to reflect the name of your product […]

BlackBerry Z10 Announced
Here we are with the official unveiling of the BlackBerry Z10 which was announced at the event in New York City (which we happen to be covering live over here). It does seem as though a UK retailer will be making available the BlackBerry Z10 available from tomorrow onwards. So far, what do we know about the BlackBerry Z10? For starters, the rather gorgeous 4.2″ display will come with 356 […]

BlackBerry Z10 Spotted In U.K. Retail Store
The BlackBerry 10 event is about to begin, yet we are already hearing that some folks in the U.K. are already getting their hands on the BlackBerry Z10 phone. This is interesting because the phone isn’t official yet. One tipster took to Twitter and said that he just saw the phone in a U.K. store. Twitter user @bandozer caught the phone at a Phones4U retail store and managed to grab […]

BlackBerry Z10 To Debut In Black
We are having the hunch that the BlackBerry Z10 will come in black and white color flavors. Our speculations are based on previous leaked images of the phone appearing in black and white. But if a recent report from Engadget is true, then it looks like we’ll only be seeing the black version of the phone today. According to the publication, their “well-placed friend” is telling them that RIM’s BlackBerry […]

Angry Birds Star Wars Available For Blackberry 10
We know that RIM plans to have at least 70,000 apps at Blackberry 10’s launch which will be taking place in a few hours and while having a larger quantity of apps is one thing, it’s another to have quality apps. After all no one really cares for an app store full of subpar apps and hastily thrown together ones, right? While it remains to be seen as to which […]

BlackBerry 10 Z10 Available For Online Orders In U.K. Starting Tomorrow
Tomorrow will be make or break for RIM as they’ll be showcasing BlackBerry 10 to the world and releasing some new BlackBerry 10 devices, which we already assume one of them will be the BlackBerry 10 Z10. Considering how many leaks have come out in regards to BlackBerry 10, we’re surprised we have yet to hear when exactly it will be available for retail. It looks as though the final […]

RIM Reduces Pricing Tier For Apps On BlackBerry World
Just over the weekend after renaming its BlackBerry App World to the much simpler and bolder BlackBerry World, Research In Motion revealed plans of updating the pricing tier on its apps on the storefront. RIM says that it will first update the British Pound (GPB) and Euro (EUR) currencies, and that updates to other currencies will follow shortly. Citing the reason for the adjustment, RIM says that it wants to […]

White BlackBerry 10 Z10 Pictures Leak Online
We’re just two days away from RIM’s big press event where we’ll learn more about its upcoming BlackBerry 10 devices, two of which we assume will be the BlacBerry 10 Z10 and BlackBerry 10 X10 while a BlackBerry 10 tablet would be nice to see, we’re not holding our breath on it making its debut this Wednesday.Since we’re so close to the event, it isn’t unexpected for additional leaks to be made. Such […]