With the launch of Blackberry 10 on the 30th of January in 2013 and the subsequent Blackberry 10 devices that will launch after it, will customers still turn towards RIM’s Blackberry 7 handsets? The good news is that if you are worried that Blackberry 10 phones are going to be expensive, but you love the Blackberry platform anyway, word on the street (via Digitimes) has it RIM will be lowering the prices of Blackberry 7 handsets to help expand their market share. Given that Blackberry has a pretty strong base in emerging markets like Southeast Asia, Africa and Latin America, we guess RIM is hoping that by lowering the prices, they will be able to capture even more market share from said regions. Perhaps they might even start to capture some market share in the US and Europe where they aren’t doing as well compared to the competition like iOS and Android.


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