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Existing BlackBerry 10 Devices Will Skip OS 10.3
BlackBerry held the launch event for its new flagship today in three major cities around the world where it not only unveiled the BlackBerry Passport but also showed off a new service called BlackBerry Blend. During the demo of its new smartphone the company focused on BlackBerry OS 10.3, a major update for its mobile platform that comes with updates for almost all aspects of the OS. BlackBerry reiterated at […]

BlackBerry Blend Dashboard Unveiled
Over the past few months we have been hearing rumors that BlackBerry is working on a dashboard that will allow users to access their files, contacts, conversations and more stored on a BlackBerry device using a PC or a smartphone/tablet from any other manufacturer. At the release event for BlackBerry Passport today the company finally unveiled BlackBerry Blend, a new dashboard that lets users do just that.

BlackBerry Blend Appears On Users’ Download Lists
It is said that the BlackBerry Blend is tipped to be made available the moment the BlackBerry Passport hits the market, although like any other good rumor out there, this one remains just as that until it actually happens. This is tipped to happen some time before the end of September, and the BlackBerry Blend feature basically works this way – it will allow you to check out most of […]

BlackBerry Blend To Launch Alongside The Passport
BlackBerry has kept its head down for the past few months and has worked tirelessly to turn its fortunes around. This month the company’s new flagship is going to be released. Called the BlackBerry Passport it is expected to hold its own against popular rivals from the likes of Samsung and Apple. While that remains to be seen, we now hear that BlackBerry Blend may be launched alongside the Passport. […]


BlackBerry Blend Rumored For iOS, Android, Windows Tablets
In the past, BlackBerry relied a lot on exclusivity as a means of attracting customers to its products and services. For example BBM used to be exclusive to BlackBerry phones and we’re sure there are many users out there who have bought BlackBerry handsets just to use the feature, but the Canadian company has since opened up the messaging service to non-BlackBerry handsets.Now as you might have heard, BlackBerry has […]

BlackBerry Blend Screenshots Leaked
For the past couple of months now there have been rumors about a new BlackBerry Blend feature that will supposedly make its debut with BB OS 10.3. Rumor has it that the BlackBerry OS 10.3 gold candidate release is only a few days away which would then be followed by the public release of this new software. Blend is said to be one of the new features included in this update and […]

BlackBerry Blend Retail Demo Video Surfaces
Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could sync your emails, BBM, and text messages from your BlackBerry handset onto a piece of software on your computer? Well apparently BlackBerry thinks so as well and while they have yet to unveil the software in full, a video of BlackBerry Blend has made its way onto the internet.For those unfamiliar, BlackBerry Blend is a software that has been referenced several times in […]