Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could sync your emails, BBM, and text messages from your BlackBerry handset onto a piece of software on your computer? Well apparently BlackBerry thinks so as well and while they have yet to unveil the software in full, a video of BlackBerry Blend has made its way onto the internet.

For those unfamiliar, BlackBerry Blend is a software that has been referenced several times in previous BlackBerry OS 10 betas. In fact it was even talked about a couple of times during BlackBerry Enterprise events. What the software does is that it helps bring some BlackBerry functionality from your phone onto your computer.

This means that if you’re at work in front of your computer, you will be able to respond to emails, messages, sync calendars, and etc. via the software instead of having to reach for your phone all the time. The video above pretty much takes us through some of its features. It does look pretty handy although based on what we can tell, it seems more focused towards enterprise users rather than your average Joe.

No word on when BlackBerry will launch the software or detail it in full, but if you’re interested in learning more, do check out the video above for more details about the BlackBerry Blend software!

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