BB_BlendIn the past, BlackBerry relied a lot on exclusivity as a means of attracting customers to its products and services. For example BBM used to be exclusive to BlackBerry phones and we’re sure there are many users out there who have bought BlackBerry handsets just to use the feature, but the Canadian company has since opened up the messaging service to non-BlackBerry handsets.

Now as you might have heard, BlackBerry has a new feature called BlackBerry Blend which is said to be part of the OS 10.3 update. It had previously been thought to be an exclusive to BlackBerry handsets, but according to a recent post by N4BB, it seems that the BlackBerry Blend feature is expected to make its way onto iPads, Android, and Windows tablets as well, although oddly enough it seems that there are no plans to support the BlackBerry PlayBook at the moment.

For those who are hearing about the BlackBerry Blend feature for the first time, in some ways it is similar to the BlackBerry Bridge software, except that instead of being limited to BlackBerry phones, it will be available on other platforms as well. It basically allows Blackberry users to extend their BlackBerry experience on a computer or a tablet.

Users will be able to access their work and personal messages, documents calendars, contacts, and even media as long as their BlackBerry devices are connected. It’s an interesting move by BlackBerry by opening up its features to non-BlackBerry devices, but what do you guys think?

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