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BlackBerry Classic Wi-Fi Calling On T-Mobile Goes Live Soon
It has been a few months since the BlackBerry Classic arrived on T-Mobile, the carrier and BlackBerry had a bit of a falling out but they worked things out which brought back BB handsets to Magenta. The Classic has since been available for purchase through the country’s third largest mobile carrier but it has been missing one feature and that’s Wi-Fi Calling, it has now been confirmed that Wi-Fi Calling on […]

BlackBerry Classic Now Available In Cobalt Blue Limited Edition
BlackBerry supporters have a reason to rejoice, as the company has brought out a limited edition variant of the BlackBerry Classic. This new variant is targeting those customers who want to experiment with the color of their handset. The variant is now available for purchase, it features Cobalt Blue color, which gives it a new look. Rest all is same old Classic smartphone that has been quite popular. The device […]

BlackBerry Classic Is Coming To T-Mobile
Last year BlackBerry and T-Mobile had a rather public falling out after the carrier launched a new promotion that gave an incentive to customers who dumped their BlackBerry handsets for other devices. BB was obviously not happy with this promotion, words were exchanged and the companies decided to end their arrangement. The dust has settled and it appears that they’ve now thought it prudent to enter into a new relationship. It […]

Only 8,000 Classic And Passport Units Sold By BlackBerry: Morgan Stanley
In a note sent out to investors today Morgan Stanley claims that BlackBerry’s latest devices are not selling “anywhere close” to they should be. It’s talking about the BlackBerry Classic and Passport. Both were released last year first through Amazon in the U.S. Only recently AT&T brought both of them to its network. The firm claims that as many as 8,000 units of the Classic and Passport have been sold, “well […]


BlackBerry Classic Amazon Sale Brings It Down To $403
The BlackBerry Classic is meant for the company’s loyal users who have been waiting for a worthy successor to their Bold 9900 for far too long. Late last year BlackBerry finally came through and released the Classic. It brings back the trackpad and function key belt, two things that most diehard BB users can’t live without, as well as BB10 OS and a full QWERTY keyboard. It is now on sale […]

BlackBerry Classic Set To Arrive In White, Blue And Bronze Shades
[MWC 2015] The BlackBerry Classic, a smartphone that was announced to the masses a week before Christmas last year, has been touted by many to be the epitome of the company’s smartphone concept. After all, it comes with a hardware keyboard (something rare in this day and age where full touchscreen smartphones rule the roost, accompanied by a serious design alongside security features that the suits in corporations love. It […]

Verizon BlackBerry Classic Available For Purchase Online Starting Today
It was first reported earlier this month that Verizon could launch the BlackBerry Classic on February 26th. The carrier took its sweet time in confirming that this was indeed the launch date. A couple of days back Verizon did confirm that it will indeed start selling the BlackBerry Classic on February 26th. That day is today so interested customers can now pick up a unit from Big Red online.

BlackBerry Classic Verizon Launch Date Confirmed
We reported a couple of weeks back that Verizon might launch the BlackBerry Classic on February 26th. Apart from Big Red, AT&T is the only carrier that will sell this device, and it has already gone ahead with the launch. Verizon kept quiet about the date but word has come in today from BlackBerry itself. The company has confirmed the BlackBerry Classic Verizon launch date.

Verizon May Offer $50 Rebate On BlackBerry Classic
It was reported earlier this month that Verizon is going to launch the BlackBerry Classic on February 26th. We didn’t hear back then just how much this smartphone will cost on the nation’s largest carrier. Verizon itself hasn’t confirmed pricing so there’s ample ground for speculation. A new report claims to bring us this information though. The report also reveals that Verizon might offer a $50 rebate with each purchase […]

AT&T BlackBerry Passport & BlackBerry Classic Availability Announced
If you happen to be rocking to AT&T as your mobile carrier over the in the US, you would surely have been stoked to hear that they have just introduced a 7GB tier to mobile share value plans. This time around, if you are also a BlackBerry fan and would like to perform a smartphone upgrade, then you will be pleased as punch to know that the BlackBerry Passport as […]

BlackBerry Classic Verizon Launch Expected February 26th
Last year BlackBerry launched two high-end devices. The BlackBerry Passport brought an unconventional form factor with specifications that could rival most flagship smartphones. In November it released the BlackBerry Classic which is more of a throwback to the glory days of the company’s smartphones, the highlight of this smartphone being its trackpad and function key belt. AT&T carries both devices in the country and if a new report is to be […]

White BlackBerry Classic Pictures Surface
Back in November 2014 the BlackBerry Classic was released. This smartphone is seen as a successor to the successful BlackBerry Bold 9900 and is meant as a workhorse for professionals. It is currently available for purchase in black but the company did say last year that it will also be released in other colors. White is one colors that fans were looking out for the most. Today some white BlackBerry Classic pictures have surfaced […]

BlackBerry Classic And Redesigned BlackBerry Passport Coming To AT&T
BlackBerry is on the ground at the Consumer Electronics Show 2015 showcasing its Internet of Things platform. The company also announced that BBM is coming to smartwatches. It also made public availability information of its two latest smartphones on AT&T. The carrier will offer both the BlackBerry Classic and an exclusive redesigned version of the BlackBerry Passport to its customers.

AT&T And Verizon Confirm They Will Offer BlackBerry Classic
Selling smartphones through major carriers proves beneficial for OEMs because they can use the carrier’s retail presence to reach out to a wider section of the consumer market. While it remains to be seen if this has an effect on sales of BlackBerry’s latest device, two of the biggest carriers in the U.S. aren’t giving hope on the company’s devices just yet. Both Verizon and AT&T have confirmed that they […]