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AT&T BlackBerry Passport & BlackBerry Classic Availability Announced
If you happen to be rocking to AT&T as your mobile carrier over the in the US, you would surely have been stoked to hear that they have just introduced a 7GB tier to mobile share value plans. This time around, if you are also a BlackBerry fan and would like to perform a smartphone upgrade, then you will be pleased as punch to know that the BlackBerry Passport as […]

BlackBerry Classic Verizon Launch Expected February 26th
Last year BlackBerry launched two high-end devices. The BlackBerry Passport brought an unconventional form factor with specifications that could rival most flagship smartphones. In November it released the BlackBerry Classic which is more of a throwback to the glory days of the company’s smartphones, the highlight of this smartphone being its trackpad and function key belt. AT&T carries both devices in the country and if a new report is to be […]

BlackBerry Passport Experience Valentine’s Day Price Cut
For a hardware manufacturer to roll out new handsets from time to time is nothing new these days – in fact, it is a given. The thing is, there are moments throughout the calendar year that might just see a price cut being introduced for a particular console or smartphone. The BlackBerry Passport happens to be one of them, and the reason behind the temporary discount? Why, Valentine’s Day is […]

Gold BlackBerry Passport Fetching Crazy Money On eBay
Last week BlackBerry formally launched the limited edition gold BlackBerry Passport. Only 50 units of this limited edition device were sold worldwide so its safe to say that they were all picked up soon after they became available for purchase. As is the case with such devices many have now turned to eBay to sell their gold BlackBerry Passports for a lot more than they originally paid for it.


AT&T's BlackBerry Passport Stops By The FCC
There have been several instances in which AT&T has confirmed that the BlackBerry Passport would be making its way onto its network. We heard that last year and earlier this month at CES 2015, AT&T had once again confirmed that they would be releasing the BlackBerry Passport, although unfortunately it seems that a specific release date had yet to be determined.That being said, AT&T’s version of the BlackBerry Passport has […]

BlackBerry Passport Gold Limited Edition Launched
Last year we saw pictures of a gold BlackBerry Passport surface online. At the time the company didn’t say if this color option will be offered to customers. There are many companies out there who will gold-plate BlackBerry devices for willing customers but now there’s an official option for Passport customers. Today the company has announced the BlackBerry Passport gold limited edition.

Gold BlackBerry Passport Limited Edition Likely Coming Soon
Soon after the BlackBerry Passport was released last year pictures of a gold version appeared online. The unit seen in those pictures was a black BlackBerry Passport with gold-colored metal frets and trim. The company didn’t say if it was an option that would later offer to customers and it wasn’t known for sure whether it was the work of a third party. There are several companies in the market […]

BlackBerry Classic And Redesigned BlackBerry Passport Coming To AT&T
BlackBerry is on the ground at the Consumer Electronics Show 2015 showcasing its Internet of Things platform. The company also announced that BBM is coming to smartwatches. It also made public availability information of its two latest smartphones on AT&T. The carrier will offer both the BlackBerry Classic and an exclusive redesigned version of the BlackBerry Passport to its customers.

BlackBerry Passport Red And White Gallery
The BlackBerry Passport has been talked about much, where we do know that it will arrive in both red and white colors. Depending on which particular shade you like, either one would work just fine for those who prefer something functional and has an enterprise feel to it, and yet exudes a rather trendy image. The more uncommon white and Limited Edition red variants of the BlackBerry Passport are now […]

BlackBerry Passport In Red And White Now Available For Pre-Order
Taking one look at the BlackBerry Passport is enough to make you realize that the company really did think out of the box for this device. The square-shaped device with its full QWERTY keyboard, that doubles as a trackpad, has been available for purchase since September but only in black color. We knew that this smartphone will be released in red and white colors as well, those who have been […]

BlackBerry Rio High-End All Touch Device Rumored
BlackBerry’s revised roadmap for 2014 doesn’t include any more devices. The low-end Z3 it launched a few months back has performed well in emerging markets. In September the company followed up with the high-end BlackBerry Passport which is actually exceeding expectations as far as sales are concerned. In a few weeks time the Classic will also go on sale, a $450 device aimed at BB loyalists. What’s next for the company? Apparently […]

BlackBerry Classic Navigation Demonstrated on Video
Earlier this year BlackBerry made it quite clear that it will only release two high-end devices in 2014. One of them is already out. The BlackBerry Passport was released nearly two months back and it has performed well in the market, better than even the company expected. Now all eyes are on the BlackBerry Classic which the company hopes will appease old loyalists that have moved away from the company […]

Red BlackBerry Passport To Be Available In Limited Quantities From Tomorrow
It was at today’s BlackBerry for enterprise event where BlackBerry CEO John Chen took the opportunity to make mention of a new color variant for the BlackBerry Passport, where it will arrive in a shade of red. It was originally expected to arrive in the market for the masses some time during Christmas (which would make this striking color all the more apt), but it seems that there will be […]

BlackBerry Passport In Red And White May Go On Sale Around Christmas
BlackBerry’s latest flagship smartphone appears to be doing quite well in the market, it has been a long time since anyone has said that about a smartphone made by this Canadian manufacturer. Over 200,000 units were sold on the first day after launch alone with more following suit. BlackBerry CEO John Chen was actually relieved that the company was having trouble keeping up with demand because it certainly exceeded their […]