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BlackBerry Passport Survives 20ft Drop In Extreme Test
It has been a while since a BlackBerry device has made waves but the Passport is changing that. Released last month the device quickly sold out after it became available. BlackBerry is actually have trouble meeting demand, which is something the company hasn’t experienced in a long time. The Passport is getting in the press for a variety of reasons including its incredible build quality. A new extreme drop test […]

BlackBerry Passport Put Through Drop Test, Holds Up Amazingly Well
A lot of high-end smartphones are designed to look good and pack high-end specs under its hood. Most of the time these devices weren’t meant to take a beating, save for the occasional drop or bump. With that being said, how does the BlackBerry Passport hold up? Will it, just like most smartphones, fall apart after a few drops?Well surprisingly it turns out that the BlackBerry Passport can take a […]

BlackBerry Enterprise Event Scheduled For November 13th
BlackBerry has announced that it is going to conduct an enterprise event on November 13th in San Francisco. CEO John Chen will be present along with top executives. Several announcements, both hardware and software, are expected at this event. BlackBerry will talk about its strategy for the enterprise, a stronghold that its trying very hard to hold on to and may even announce the release of BlackBerry Enterprise Server 12, its […]

BlackBerry CEO Pleased With The Passport's Shortages, Proves Demand
Back in September, BlackBerry officially launched the BlackBerry Passport after what seemed like months of waiting and teasing. The handset has proven to be quite a hit amongst its users and quickly sold out via BlackBerry’s official website. We suppose this could also be due to BlackBerry not ordering enough units, but regardless of the reason, it shows that there is demand for the rather oddly shaped device.So how does […]


BlackBerry Passport Spotted With A Luxurious Gold Finish
Just last month, the BlackBerry Passport was released. Given its rather odd but sleek design and an interesting QWERTY keyboard, it wasn’t all too surprising to learn that the handset had sold out rather quickly. Now as we know, the BlackBerry Passport is available in both black and white options.

White BlackBerry Passport Release Expected Next Month
BlackBerry’s new flagship smartphone was released about a week back. It is off to a good start as the company was able to sell more than 200,000 units. The Passport was quickly sold out after release even though its only available in one color option right now: black. The company had already confirmed previously that it would be available in white as well. Customers who have been waiting for the […]

More BlackBerry Devices With 'Wow' Factor In The Pipeline
Last week BlackBerry released the Passport, its new flagship that has a rather unorthodox design, its square. The smartphone has powerful specifications, a 4.5-inch 1,440×1,440 pixel resolution display, BlackBerry OS 10.3 with BlackBerry Assistant and a massive 3,450mAh battery. There’s no doubt about the fact that its design is certainly the most intriguing aspect about it, BlackBerry has moved away from the rectangle-shaped smartphones being churned out by every other […]

200,000 BlackBerry Passport Handsets Have Already Been Sold
Judging from the first wave of reviews of the BlackBerry Passport, it is safe to say that many are quite smitten with BlackBerry’s latest smartphone efforts. In fact last we heard, the handset was so popular that BlackBerry actually ran out of stock on its official website. Now the question is, how many BlackBerry Passport devices have been sold so far?Well according to a report from Bloomberg’s Businessweek, it seems […]

BlackBerry Passport Already Sold Out On BlackBerry's Website
So earlier today BlackBerry officially announced the BlackBerry Passport. The handset has been pegged for a release on the 25th of September but according to reports, it seems that the handset has since been sold out on the official BlackBerry website, which would seem to hint at its popularity.At the same time considering that BlackBerry had offered a $100 discount to early adopters, we guess everyone was looking to cash […]

AT&T BlackBerry Passport Release Confirmed
Earlier today BlackBerry not only announced but also released its new flagship device called the BlackBerry Passport. It is available for purchase right away through online retailers and the company’s own website in several markets. Those living in the U.S. have the option to purchase it off contract today at full retail price. However those who would like to have it subsidized by a carrier can rest assured as well […]

BlackBerry Passport Released
The Canadian manufacturer’s much awaited device has finally been released today. A few hours back three events were held simultaneously in Toronto, London and Dubai where the company formally unveiled its latest flagship smartphone. BlackBerry had already confirmed a few days back that the device will be released right after its launch event and it has followed through on that promise. Moreover it also confirmed the full specifications of BlackBerry […]

BlackBerry Passport Release Event Live Stream Will Be Available
Tomorrow is without a doubt a very big day for BlackBerry, one that the company’s fans have been anxiously waiting for about a few months now. The company is going to conduct three events across the world simultaneously to unveil its latest flagship device called BlackBerry Passport. It is arguably one of the most innovative devices the Canadian manufacturer has ever produced and to mark this occasion the company has […]

BlackBerry Passport To Cost $599 Unlocked
Well, it looks as though after a fair number of rumors have surrounding the BlackBerry Passport, here we are with word from the horse’s mouth – BlackBerry CEO John Chen himself, that the upcoming BlackBerry Passport will hit the market later this Wednesday, where it will carry a $599 price tag for an unlocked handset – which means there will be no subsidies at all, what you pay is what […]

BlackBerry Passport Pre-Order Goes Live Across The Pond
There’s merely a fortnight to go before BlackBerry conducts simultaneous events in three major cities around the world to show off its latest flagship smartphone, the BlackBerry Passport. There’s a lot of hype for this device particularly among BB fans and among those who have been intrigued by the device’s unorthodox design and unique features. A retailer across the pond in Germany has already started taking pre-orders for the device […]