BlackBerry Sells 1 Million BlackBerry Z10 To Spark Rise In Profits

The last time BlackBerry announced its earnings report, they reported a $114 million loss on $2.73 billion in revenue. Things weren’t looking good for the company at all and many considered their upcoming BlackBerry 10 announcement to be their final Hail Mary pass. It looks as though the launch of their BlackBerry 10 platform along with its BlackBerry Z10 could be considered a success as they’re announcing they’re once again profitable. […]

BlackBerry 10 Partners with PBS, Viacom & Univision

The BlackBerry Z10 was officially released last week as it was made available on AT&T and today, it has been made available for T-Mobile customers. Not only has the Z10 officially launched in the U.S., but the new BlackBerry 10 OS has also been released to the masses. The content selection for the BlackBerry 10 platform are slim pickings at this point, but BlackBerry is announcing some additional worthwhile content for […]

Blackberry Z10 Now Available From T-Mobile

Good news T-Mobile subscribers, if you have been eyeing the Blackberry Z10, you’re in luck because the handset is now available for purchase via T-Mobile. The Blackberry Z10 will be amongst the first few devices from T-Mobile to support 4G LTE connectivity, and it will also be under the carrier’s new mobile plans which unfortunately will no longer offer subsidies. Instead customers can now expect to pay an upfront payment […]

Brightstar Was The One Who Bought The 1 Million Blackberry Z10 Units

Remember the other day we reported that a mysterious customer had bought 1 million Blackberry Z10 units? If you’re curious as to who the mysterious benefactor is, the folks at AllThingsD have managed to discover that it is none other than Brightstar who bought up the Blackberry Z10 devices. This was confirmed by their source who claims that AllThingsD had the “Bright” part right when they speculated it was Brightpoint. […]


T-Mobile To Offer Free Alicia Keys Tickets For First 10 Blackberry Z10 Customers

T-Mobile confirmed that the Blackberry Z10 will launch on the 26th of March, and if you were thinking of getting your hands on the device, being first in line has its benefits. According to the reports, T-Mobile is apparently giving away tickets to Alicia Keys’ concert and $25 off for the first 10 Blackberry Z10 customers. It’s pretty generous and the good thing is that if you’re not a fan […]

iFixit: BlackBerry Z10 Is Easy To Repair

If there is one thing that one must salute the good people over at iFixit, it would be this – they tend to do their bit for the tech community by taking apart their very own consumer electronics devices, only to come up with a final verdict as to how easy or difficult it can be when you attempt to repair a particular piece of hardware. Well, it is comforting […]

Blackberry Z10 Ranks 8th On Amazon’s Best Seller List

It’s safe to say that Blackberry is sort of betting the farm with their new Blackberry 10 operating system and its accompanying devices, which presumably is meant to compete against the likes of Apple, Google and Microsoft’s mobile offerings. The Z10 was released not too long ago and is available on AT&T, but how does it fare against the competition? As it turns out, not too bad. Spotted on Amazon’s […]

T-Mobile 4G LTE Network Being Tested In 9 Cities

It was reported earlier that T-Mobile’s 4G LTE service was to roll out this month. The carrier has a special event planned for March 26, though it could be about a number of things, rumor has it that they’ll also announce the roll out of their 4G LTE service. The BlackBerry Z10 and Samsung Galaxy Note II have been announced as LTE compatible devices on their network. They’ll reportedly be […]

BlackBerry Z10 Now Available In The U.S. On AT&T

If you’ve been drooling at the BlackBerry Z10 ever since it was announced in late January, today is the day you U.S. BlackBerry owners have been waiting for as AT&T is officially the first carrier out of the gate to make the Z10 available to anyone and everyone that wants one. As we reported a few weeks ago, AT&T now has the BlackBerry Z10 available for $199 when you sign […]

BlackBerry To Release Four New Smartphones, Including Another ‘Exciting’ Flagship in 2013

In an interview today BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins revealed that the company will release four new smartphones this year, including a new ‘exciting’ flagship phone around the holidays. He said that he can’t say much about it at this point in time, but it is going to be a flagship device and will take BlackBerry 10 to a whole new level in terms of user experience. He did add that […]

BlackBerry Z10 US Preorder Volume Reportedly Below Expectations

The BlackBerry Z10 was officially launched on January 30th. It immediately became available for customers in UK and Canada, while gradually releasing in a host of other markets as well. The Z10’s performance in the U.S. is termed as the yardstick by which the success or failure of this device, and BlackBerry 10, will be gauged. According to Jeff Johnston of Detwiler Fenton & Co.’s, his checks indicate pre-order volume […]

T-Mobile Confirms BlackBerry Z10 Launch Is On March 26

Despite the fact that BlackBerry Z10 was announced on 30th January in New York City, the U.S. market gets it substantially late. The device was almost immediately available for customers in the UK and Canada, while it was gradually released in a host of markets around the world. The delay in its release is caused due to carrier testing, but as promised, the Z10 will be available in the US […]

Sideloaded Instagram On BlackBerry Z10? Don’t Sign Out!

BlackBerry Z10 users can sideload Android apps on their device, the BBRY’s new smartphone allows that. This means that users have access to apps that are otherwise not available for BlackBerry, apps such as the insanely popular Instagram. A new report indicates that users who sideloaded Instagram on their devices are facing a problem. If they sign out of Instagram on BlackBerry Z10, they’ll not be able to sign back […]

BlackBerry Performs ‘At Last’ Terribly To Celebrate BB10 US Launch

The BlackBerry Z10 will be available this Friday on AT&T, marking the official launch of BlackBerry 10 in the US. We know many of you BlackBerry owners are excited about this major event, which is why your excitement will probably die down a bit after witnessing what BlackBerry released today. A number of BlackBerry’s senior executives came together with the company’s vice president of developer relations Alec Saunders on lead […]