BlackBerry’s Latest Flagship Release Draws Near

BlackBerry launched the KeyOne handset last year and if recent reports are to be believed, the company will soon be launching the successor to that handset in the coming months. BlackBerry is yet to confirm anything about this device officially but word on the street is that it’s going to be called the BlackBerry Key2 and that it’s going to retain the full QWERTY keyboard that the fans know and […]

Alleged Live Photo Of BlackBerry ‘Athena’ Leaked

The BlackBerry KeyOne was released last year which means that assuming that BlackBerry and TCL are on a schedule that plans for annual releases, a successor to the KeyOne is overdue. So far we’ve seen a leaked render of the upcoming handset, but now it looks like live photos of the upcoming handset have since appeared as well.

BlackBerry CEO John Chen Wants To Revive The BlackBerry Bold 9900

As many are aware, BlackBerry has stopped making its own hardware. Instead the company has licensed out its brand to TCL who has been making BlackBerry phones for the past couple of years. However it seems that despite BlackBerry no longer making hardware, it sure seems like they wish they did.

New BlackBerry Handsets May Get Wireless Charging

BlackBerry may not be making smartphones itself anymore but its hardware partners who have licensed its iconic brand keep putting new handsets on the market in a bid to capitalize on the brand value of the Canadian company. It appears that some of those upcoming devices could feature wireless charging which would be a first for BlackBerry smartphones. One of the company’s hardware partners is believed to have developed a […]


BlackBerry KeyTwo Press Render Leaked

It’s about time that TCL releases a successor to the BlackBerry KeyOne. The China-based company has licensed the BlackBerry brand from the Canadian company and is now the global manufacturing partner of BlackBerry devices. The BlackBerry KeyOne was its first proper flagship smartphone in this partnership and now a leaked render suggests that the company will be making some significant improvements to the KeyOne’s successor which many believe will be […]

BlackBerry Sues Snapchat For Infringing On Its Patents

BlackBerry may not be the leader in the global smartphone market anymore but the company does own a treasure trove of patents. As investors raise concerns about the growth rate at its core security-focused software business, the company is looking through its library of wireless and messaging patents to find more opportunities for licensing deals and even lawsuits. After filing a similar lawsuit against Facebook last month, BlackBerry has now […]

BlackBerry & Microsoft Team Up To Make Work Phones More Secure

While security on consumer smartphones is obviously important, this is especially true when it comes to devices meant for the workplace. This is because they might contain sensitive information like pricing, contracts, upcoming secret projects, and more. This is why in the past companies would subscribe for services like BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

BlackBerry Licensing Its Security Technology For Third-Party Devices

BlackBerry has changed its business model over the past few years. It’s no longer a hardware company even though BlackBerry was one of the most popular smartphone manufacturers only a decade ago. It’s more of a software company now that licenses its technology to other companies and BlackBerry today announced that it’s going to license its security technology for third-party smartphones and smart devices.

Facebook Sued By BlackBerry Over Messaging

Facebook has been sued by BlackBerry in a Los Angeles Federal Court for infringing on its patents related to messaging technology. The lawsuit has been filed by BlackBerry proper, not TCL, which is the Chinese company that’s now making BlackBerry-branded smartphones. It reportedly targets Facebook and its WhatsApp messaging and Instagram photo-sharing service. The company says that it decided to file this lawsuit after “”several years of dialogue” with Facebook.

Unlocked BlackBerry KEYOne Black Edition Now Available In The U.S.

BlackBerry fans in the United States can now pick up the updated variant of the company’s KEYOne handset in the United States. The unlocked BlackBerry KEYOne Black Edition is now available for purchase in the U.S. This model was first rolled out in a handful of other markets across the globe last year.

BlackBerry World Will Only Host Free Apps Starting April 1, 2018

When it comes to making money from apps, developers have the option to either charge users for the app upfront, or make the app free and rely on ads, or rely on in-game purchases, or sometimes through recurring subscriptions. However for BlackBerry developers, they will now have one less option.

BlackBerry Jumping On Bezel-Less Bandwagon As Well

It has been a while since we have seen a new BlackBerry-branded handset. The Canadian company isn’t making smartphones itself these days, it has licensed its brand name to other companies who now make BlackBerry devices, much like Nokia has licensed its brand name to HMD Global. BlackBerry Mobile licensee Optiemus is said to be working on a new BlackBerry-branded handset codenamed “Ghost.” A leaked render of the device reveals […]

BlackBerry KEYone Gets Permanent $50 Price Cut In The US

If the BlackBerry KEYone is a handset that you’ve been eyeing and aren’t sure if you should get it, you might be interested to learn that the phone has since been permanently discounted by $50. This means that instead of $549.99, you will only have to pay $499.99, which for some might be a good enough discount to make them purchase it.

Unlocked BlackBerry Motion Officially Available For Purchase In The U.S.

BlackBerry’s mid-range handset from last year is finally available for purchase in the United States officially. You could buy the BlackBerry Motion through unofficial online channels in the country previously, but the company confirmed last week that it will officially start selling this handset in the country. The unlocked BlackBerry Motion can now be purchased from a couple of major online retailers in the United States.