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BlackBerry KEY2 Found To Be More Durable Than Its Predecessor
Last year when BlackBerry launched the KEYone, there were some issues with regards to its durability where based on tests, it was discovered that the screen could be easily unhinged when pressure was put on the phone to bend it. Subsequent models had this issue address, to the credit of its manufacturer TCL.

BlackBerry KEY2 Now Available For Pre-Order In The US
The BlackBerry KEY2 was officially announced earlier this month and for those who have been eyeing the handset, you’ll be pleased to learn that the KEY2 is now officially available for pre-order from Best Buy where according to the retailer, the handset is expected to be made available on the 13th of July.

BlackBerry Key2 Officially Launched, Price Confirmed
We have heard countless reports over the past couple of months that TCL will soon be launching a new BlackBerry-branded smartphone. The leaks had revealed that this device will be called the BlackBerry Key2 and as the name suggests, it would be a successor to the BlackBerry KeyOne. TCL’s BlackBerry Mobile division has officially launched the BlackBerry Key2 today and has also confirmed its price.

BlackBerry Key2 Teaser Reveals Dual Camera And Mystery Button
TCL’s BlackBerry Mobile division will soon be rolling out a new handset. This handset is the successor to the BlackBerry KeyOne and the company has already confirmed that the device will be called the BlackBerry Key2. A new teaser video has been released by the company which confirms reports that this will be the first BlackBerry-branded device with a dual camera system at the back. It also gives us a […]


BlackBerry Key2 Makes Customary FCC Stop
TCL, the China-based company that makes BlackBerry-branded smartphones now, will be launching a new handset in the near future. The company has been working on the successor to the BlackBerry KeyOne and it’s going to be called the BlackBerry Key2. It has already been confirmed officially when this device is going to be announced and the handset has now made its customary stop at the Federal Communications Commission for certification […]

BlackBerry Key2 Launch Date Confirmed
There have been multiple reports over the past couple of weeks suggesting that BlackBerry will soon be launching a new handset. By BlackBerry, we mean TCL’s BlackBerry Mobile division since BlackBerry proper no longer makes handsets and has licensed its brand to TCL. The certification listings that have been spotted so far suggest that this new device will be a successor to the BlackBerry KeyOne. Officially called the BlackBerry Key2, […]

BBM Desktop Beta Announced For Android Users
Messenger apps used to exist heavily on computers back in the day where we had the likes of ICQ, IRC, AIM, Skype, and so on. While chat apps for desktops still exist, it seems that there is an increased focus from mobile apps to bring their apps onto desktop. We’ve seen this with WhatsApp, LINE, KakaoTalk, and so on.

BlackBerry's Latest Flagship Release Draws Near
BlackBerry launched the KeyOne handset last year and if recent reports are to be believed, the company will soon be launching the successor to that handset in the coming months. BlackBerry is yet to confirm anything about this device officially but word on the street is that it’s going to be called the BlackBerry Key2 and that it’s going to retain the full QWERTY keyboard that the fans know and […]

Alleged Live Photo Of BlackBerry ‘Athena’ Leaked
The BlackBerry KeyOne was released last year which means that assuming that BlackBerry and TCL are on a schedule that plans for annual releases, a successor to the KeyOne is overdue. So far we’ve seen a leaked render of the upcoming handset, but now it looks like live photos of the upcoming handset have since appeared as well.

BlackBerry CEO John Chen Wants To Revive The BlackBerry Bold 9900
As many are aware, BlackBerry has stopped making its own hardware. Instead the company has licensed out its brand to TCL who has been making BlackBerry phones for the past couple of years. However it seems that despite BlackBerry no longer making hardware, it sure seems like they wish they did.

New BlackBerry Handsets May Get Wireless Charging
BlackBerry may not be making smartphones itself anymore but its hardware partners who have licensed its iconic brand keep putting new handsets on the market in a bid to capitalize on the brand value of the Canadian company. It appears that some of those upcoming devices could feature wireless charging which would be a first for BlackBerry smartphones. One of the company’s hardware partners is believed to have developed a […]

BlackBerry KeyTwo Press Render Leaked
It’s about time that TCL releases a successor to the BlackBerry KeyOne. The China-based company has licensed the BlackBerry brand from the Canadian company and is now the global manufacturing partner of BlackBerry devices. The BlackBerry KeyOne was its first proper flagship smartphone in this partnership and now a leaked render suggests that the company will be making some significant improvements to the KeyOne’s successor which many believe will be […]

BlackBerry Sues Snapchat For Infringing On Its Patents
BlackBerry may not be the leader in the global smartphone market anymore but the company does own a treasure trove of patents. As investors raise concerns about the growth rate at its core security-focused software business, the company is looking through its library of wireless and messaging patents to find more opportunities for licensing deals and even lawsuits. After filing a similar lawsuit against Facebook last month, BlackBerry has now […]

BlackBerry & Microsoft Team Up To Make Work Phones More Secure
While security on consumer smartphones is obviously important, this is especially true when it comes to devices meant for the workplace. This is because they might contain sensitive information like pricing, contracts, upcoming secret projects, and more. This is why in the past companies would subscribe for services like BlackBerry Enterprise Server.