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Bloodborne Added To PlayStation Now Streaming Library
PlayStation Now is a game streaming service from Sony that lets subscribers stream titles to their consoles in exchange for a fee. The company continues to add more titles to the service in order to keep things fresh. The latest addition is Bloodborne, a famous action RPG that’s known for being very difficult. This is perhaps the most high-profile game that Sony has added to the PlayStation Now streaming lineup […]

Official Bloodborne Card Game Being Developed
Bloodborne fans will soon have a whole different way of playing this game. Board and card game designer Eric Lang has confirmed today that he’s working on an official Bloodborne card game. He did confirm that this project is licensed so it’s as official as it can get. Lang describes it as a “highly deep and interactive card game” which also manages to be simple at the same time.

Bloodborne DLC Turns You Into A Monster
For those of you who have played Altered Beast at the arcades before, you would know how cool it was to be able to transform from being a regular human being (albeit with your six pack as well as abs, of course) into a beast. Of course, the graphics back then were nothing much to shout about, and the kind of sound effects were rudimentary at best. However, with the […]

Bloodborne Sells A Million Copies, Details 1.03 Update
It has been a humbling and yet amazing experience for the Bloodborne team, seeing how the gaming community has embraced the title ever since it was released. It is then appropriate to bring word that Bloodborne has managed to shift more than a million copies of the game around the world, now how about that?


Gamer Beats Bloodborne In Just Under An Hour
Speed runs in video games aren’t anything new and are usually a way for gamers to show off that they have managed to complete a level, game, or a boss in a record-breaking time. Some might find such a play style a waste of the game since a lot of the content is usually glossed over, but we suppose gamers have their own reasons for doing so.That being said Bloodborne […]

Bloodborne Available On The PS4
We did learn at the end of last week that if one were to donate blood over in Denmark, you would be able to bring home a copy of Bloodborne to play. Well, it seems that the long wait for the game is over, as Bloodborne is currently available in North America. You will be able to check out a very special message from game director Hidetaka Miyazaki right after […]