Bloodborne fans will soon have a whole different way of playing this game. Board and card game designer Eric Lang has confirmed today that he’s working on an official Bloodborne card game. He did confirm that this project is licensed so it’s as official as it can get. Lang describes it as a “highly deep and interactive card game” which also manages to be simple at the same time.

Lang also said that his goal with Bloodborne is to channel the intensity and frustration of the video game into a contest between players. “Lots of death,” he promised.

It appears that the card game is based on Chalice dungeon runs and Lang describes it as “risk management with a bit of groupthink, inventory management/upgrades and tactical play in an intense 30-minute card game.”

Many players are of the view that the Chalice dungeon runs were the best part of Bloodborne so they’ll certainly be excited to see how that experience has been transferred to the card game.

It remains to be seen though if the card game proves to be compelling enough for players of the actual game to switch over. Card games are popular but it’s not like they can match the sheer number of people that play games on consoles and gaming rigs.

Lang is yet to confirm when the official Bloodborne card game is going to be released and how much it’s going to cost when it’s out.

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