bloodborneFor those of you who have played Altered Beast at the arcades before, you would know how cool it was to be able to transform from being a regular human being (albeit with your six pack as well as abs, of course) into a beast. Of course, the graphics back then were nothing much to shout about, and the kind of sound effects were rudimentary at best. However, with the best selling Bloodborne title, the latest and only DLC happens to offer a peek into the past, although with far superior graphics and sound effects. Do take note that Bloodborne has nothing to do with Altered Beast, but it is just a conceptual comparison that I am making.

Basically, if you managed to pick up a Beast Embrace rune, you will be able to end up as a more monstrous creature than ever before, and with this, it will be accompanied by additional story details as well as a slew of moves to master.

In order to get this up and running, you will first need to defeat Ludwig, the DLC’s first boss. This will be followed by decimating the Healing Church hunters that happen to guard the entryway to the next area. From there, head up to the next section, before warping back to the previous lamp, and then returning to where the hunters were. You can then pick up an item known as Laurence’s Skull from the table. There ya go – since the DLC is out for a day or so, you can be sure that it is ripe for additional pickings.

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