Speed runs in video games aren’t anything new and are usually a way for gamers to show off that they have managed to complete a level, game, or a boss in a record-breaking time. Some might find such a play style a waste of the game since a lot of the content is usually glossed over, but we suppose gamers have their own reasons for doing so.

That being said Bloodborne was only recently released about a week ago and it looks like one gamer who owns the YouTube channel Oginam_tv has managed to beat and complete the entire game in a little under an hour – 44 minutes to be exact. Considering the amount of time that developers have put into the game, 44 minutes is certainly a rather impressive figure although it should be noted that perhaps some might not consider this a legitimate speed run.

For starters, it seems that Oginam_tv relied on some glitches in the game to speed his process. One of those glitches allowed him to skip large portions of the game, thus saving him a lot of time in the process. Another glitch allowed him to beef his character up through an item duplication process which helped him survive boss fights.

Perhaps it’s not the most legit of speed runs but it is still pretty impressive nonetheless. Gamers who want to check out the speed run in question can do so by checking out the video above, but be warned it does run pretty long so grab some popcorn, sit back, and relax.

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