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BLU Dash M2 & Dash X2 Metal Android Phones Launched
BLU Products might not necessarily be a name that you associate with smartphones, but the US-based company has from time to time churned out smartphones that come with affordable price tags, allowing those without the budget for an iPhone or a Samsung smartphone to still experience relatively decent hardware.

BLU Working With Cyanogen On Android Smartphone
BLU Products might not necessarily be a company familiar to some of you guys, but as a quick overview, they are a US-based smartphone manufacturer who has churned out several affordable handsets in the past, and if you’re a fan of CyanogenMod then perhaps BLU Products might be a company worth keeping an eye out.Speaking in an interview with Forbes, Cyanogen’s CEO Kirt McMaster revealed that they would be working […]

BLU Products Studio G Is Affordable At $89
[CES 2015] There are plenty of budget smartphones out there for customers to choose from. However if you’d rather not spend over $100 for your next smartphone, then BLU Products has the phone for you. The company has recently announced the launch of the Studio G Android smartphone that will be priced at $89.So with a price tag of $89, what can you expect from it? Well for starters users […]

BLU Products Studio X & Studio X Plus Handsets Launched
[CES 2015] BLU Products has been known to release devices that come with decent specs at affordable prices, and in case the recently announced Life One and Life One XL still aren’t cheap enough for you, you might be interested to learn that BLU Products has also announced the Studio X and the Studio X Plus.These devices will follow in the footsteps of the Life One and Life One XL […]


BLU Products Life One, Life One XL Smartphones Announced
[CES 2015] If you’re looking for a sleek Android smartphone with relatively decent hardware specs that also won’t be breaking the bank, BLU Products has recently announced their new Life One series of Android smartphones in the form of the Life One and the Life One XL. Both devices are pretty much identical in terms of hardware, save for their display sizes which are different.The Life One will feature a […]

BLU Products Studio Energy Packs A 5,000mAh Battery
[CES 2015] BLU Products has recently announced a slew of new smartphones for CES 2015. Previously we had reported on the incredibly thin Vivo Air, but if thinness isn’t your priority and you’re more interested in battery life, you might be interested to learn that BLU Products has announced the Studio Energy.This is a smartphone that prioritizes battery life and for those who would prefer their phones last them more […]

BLU Products Vivo Air Is Incredibly Thin At 5.1mm
[CES 2015] There are plenty of smartphone OEMs out there in the market today, but if those mainstream brands don’t appeal to you, you might be interested in checking out BLU Products, a US-based company that has been steadily churning out affordable and relatively decent smartphones for a while now.The company has recently announced a handful of new smartphones for CES 2015 which follows on the heels of their previous […]

BLU Win JR Windows Phone Handset Announced For Less Than $100
BLU Products might not necessarily be a name familiar to most of you guys, at least not in the face and might of bigger OEMs like Apple, Samsung, Nokia, and etc., although they do make phones with decent specs and decent prices to boot. That being said, if you were looking forward to a BLU Windows Phone handset, the OEM has obliged with the Win JR.The company has recently announced […]

BLU Products Unveils STUDIO C Android Smartphones
BLU Products is not necessarily a company that comes to mind when you think about Android smartphones, although the company has churned out several affordable handsets in the past. Well it looks like they’re back and this time they have recently announced their new STUDIO C series of Android smartphones.As part of the STUDIO C series, BLU Products have unveiled four new handsets – the Studio 5.0 C HD, the […]

BLU Products Unveils Life Pure XL Smartphone
Just the other day BLU Products unveiled their Studio 5.0 smartphone and it looks like the company is showing no signs of slowing down as they have recent unveiled their new Life Pure XL smartphone not too long after. The handset will be priced at $399 and will be available exclusively from Amazon’s website come 2nd of May.BLU is also expected to follow up with a white variant on the […]

BLU Products Debut Studio 5.0 Smartphone With LTE Capabilities
If you’re looking for a smartphone that is not only affordable but plays nicely with LTE networks, then you might be interested in BLU Products’ latest handset, the Studio 5.0. As the name suggests, the handset will feature a 5-inch display, although apart from its size and colorful nature, the Studio 5.0 isn’t exactly the most powerful Android phone we’ve seen to date.The handset will play nice with T-Mobile’s LTE […]

BLU Products Teases Windows Phone Device
When it comes to picking out smartphones, we tend to go for more mainstream brands like Apple, Samsung, LG, Motorola, HTC, Sony, and so on, but that does not mean that these are the only brands out there. In fact over in the US, BLU Products has been somewhat quietly producing their own handsets although they haven’t exactly been receiving the same amount of attention.That being said, it seems that […]

Blu Life Pro's 5MP Front Camera Will Greatly Improve Your Selfies
Now that selfie has officially become the word of 2013, we’re sure there are going to be a tidal wave of photos taken using our mobile device’s front-facing camera. For the most part, front-facing cameras have just offered the bare minimum in terms of the quality of the photos they produce, but Blu Life Pro is looking to change that.

BLU Studio 5.5 Phablet Announced
BLU Products might not necessarily be a company that you have heard much about, but they have in the past released smartphones for Android users, and now it looks like the company is back with a new phablet of their own called the BLU Studio 5.5. The device might not be the most powerful smartphone available, but with its attractive price tag, it will be a great device for those […]