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Boompack Boombox Backpack: Wearing Music On Your Back
Remember the days when Boombox were the most talked about things. Well a concept backpack called Boompack by Massimo Battaglia could just bring back the Boombox revolution.The Boompack backpack quite literally incorporates a backpack and a boombox. It sports 8 way speakers and 100 watts of sound power to make your music stand out. The backup comes with a rechargeable battery that can stay on for up to 6 hours. […]

Hannes Harms boombox is world's flattest?
The world is not flat, but that does not mean speakers, too, should maintain a spherical shape. In fact, Hannes Harms has come up with a special design on his latest boombox, where he intends to do away with the unnecessary. That means a reduction in material, volume and components – resulting in an extremely flat piece of electronics. Makes sense as such design aesthetics do seem to keep up […]

Eco Terra Boombox toughens up its case
Grace Digital has unveiled their latest product which ought to keep your precious smartphone or portable media player safe from knocks and drops – in the form of the Eco Terra Boombox. This particular device is fully submersible, and hence waterproof, as well as being shock resistant to offer true 100% waterproof protection from rainstorms, ocean waves, pool parties and even your latest whitewater rafting adventure. Just in case you […]

JVC Kaboom boombox gets a second lease of life
They say that old soldiers never die, but they just fade away instead. Well, the same can be said for fashion, where what used to be the rage will eventually fall out of favor with the public, only to re-emerge years later as part of a particular retro movement, making it to magazine covers all over again. The world of consumer electronics are not too different either, with JVC introducing […]


Altec Lansing ships MIX iMT810 digital boombox
Altec Lansing has started to ship the MIX iMT810 digital boombox, where this portable music playback machine is capable of accommodating Apple’s iPods and iPhones, including the latest iPhone 4 (hopefully with the iPhone 4S as well). The MIX iMT810 will sport aluminum accents and grips, encasing a 5.25″ subwoofer in addition to a 5.25″ passive radiator pump – not to mention getting the company of horn-loaded tweeters and mid-range […]

TDK Boomboxes to bring you back to the 80s
 If you were a kid growing up in the late 70s and 80s, you would have been part of the boombox generation, and probably owned one or two yourself. Well boomboxes aren’t too common anymore, due to the fact that people stopped listening to cassettes and blasting music out in public is considered more of a nuisance than anything. Well TDK has plans to bring you back into that era […]

Retro iPhone Boom Box Dock
Who can forget those retro boom boxes? Sure, you might never use them again, since your entire music library is in your iPhone or iPod, but that doesn’t mean we can’t bring the retro design back, and that’s the Innovative Technology Boom Box. This boom box supports your iPhone, iPod, or any MP3 player via an auxiliary audio input. You’ll be able to dock your iPhone into the cassette deck, […]

Aiptek D25 Boombox DVD Projector
Aiptek is back with the D25 Boombox DVD Projector that lets you watch your favorite DVDs wherever you are, never mind that there isn’t any TV available in the vicinity. After all, it has a swivel projector that features 20 ANSI lumens brightness, VGA resolution and a contrast ratio of 100:1. Since it can swivel, you can project to virtually anywhere in the room without bothering about placing this on […]

JVC Kaboom makes a comeback
[CES 2010] We admit that the JVC RV-NB50, also known as the Kaboom, resembles something that won’t be out of place from the Transformers series, leaning more towards the Decepticon line than the Autobots. First released a dozen years ago and making an impact with its high power and legendary durability, the Kaboom is now back better than before, keeping up with the times by including an integrated iPod dock […]

Boombox bag with built-in speakers
Want to look flashy in a retro way without being trashy? The Boombox bag with built-in speakers seems like just the thing to have, where all you need to do is plug in your MP3 player (or other compatible devices) and you’re good to go. While we can’t expect high-end audio quality from this, we can be sure it is able to perform decently to disturb the general peace around […]