JVC Kaboom makes a comeback

[CES 2010] We admit that the JVC RV-NB50, also known as the Kaboom, resembles something that won’t be out of place from the Transformers series, leaning more towards the Decepticon line than the Autobots. First released a dozen years ago and making an impact with its high power and legendary durability, the Kaboom is now back better than before, keeping up with the times by including an integrated iPod dock and USB connectivity without sacrificing on performance. Pumping out 40 watts of power while retaining the general design of its predecessor, the Kaboom features a woofer at each end alongside bass enhancement circuitry that ought to turn your small apartment into a rocking party. Just to make sure it handles retro (by today’s standards) music, you get a CD player as well alongside an integrated FM tuner and a front audio input. A shoulder strap makes it a snap to tote around, while a remote control allows you to control it from your La-Z-Boy without moving more than a couple of muscles. Expect the JVC RV-NB50 Kaboom to hit the market for $299.95 this January.

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