Remember the days when Boombox were the most talked about things. Well a concept backpack called Boompack by Massimo Battaglia could just bring back the Boombox revolution.


The Boompack backpack quite literally incorporates a backpack and a boombox. It sports 8 way speakers and 100 watts of sound power to make your music stand out. The backup comes with a rechargeable battery that can stay on for up to 6 hours. The cool feature of this concept backpack is a 200-lumen pico projector that transforms any place into your own projection room.

The backpack also features 32GB internal memory and SD card slot for expansion.  The concept calls for Bluetooth connectivity. It also features USB port as well as connectivity for external devices.  The backpack will sport a hidden compartment for docking smartphones. Its design is made in such a way as to make it impact resistant and water resistant. It will have front and back radio control and if another boompack backpack is nearby, it will auto-sync with it. It also features a stand, so that the backpack won’t fall down if you put it on the floor. At the moment this backpack only exists in concepts, but it just might make it out of the concept phase into an actual design.

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